Mountain Forum marches for Peace

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Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  On Monday, Jan. 18, a large crowd gathered in Denver’s City Park and marched to Civic Center Park to commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Junior. It is said to be the largest MLK march in the country.

This year, nine members of the Nederland Mountain Forum for Peace joined the Marade, waving peace banners and showing their pride in their organization and what they do for the world.

This is what MFP members do.

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They also do much, much more each and every year. Last Saturday, the members and board members met at the Wild Bear Eco-Lounge to go over their accomplishments in the past year, look to the future and enjoy a pot luck lunch.

In the past year the MFP has donated sums of money to the following organizations:

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MADRE, empowering women for peaceful resolution, $300; SEED, $350; Wild land Restoration Volunteers, $300; Vermont Food Fight Fund, $309; Fair Shake, $1500; Lori Kinzcel’s Belize trip, $500; NCPC Socks & Sandwiches, $150; Teso Safe Motherhood Project, $500; Ned PEN, Parent Engagement Network/No Place for Hate Program, $1,000; Alisha Horowitz for Joan Gono’s orphanage in west Africa $590; $200 each for Nederland and Gilpin Senior High School; $200 each for Nederland and Gilpin food banks; Attention homes, $150; Doctors Without Borders, $100; and TEG Boulder County and Colorado River Legal Defense Fund to stop expansion of Gross Reservoir, $500.

The total is $11,923. Much of that money comes from the annual MFP Yard Sale which involves months of work, dozens of volunteers, a community’s wealth of hand-me-downs and the people who find the best deals of the year for just about anything they want. Sometimes even a car.

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Many of the MFP board of directors are long-time members, some of whom are stepping down. Although there are at least 100 members on the phone list, many of them are hard-working volunteers, but don’t want to be part of the governing body. The MFP is seeking three people to fill seats on the board, to help be part of the mechanism that keeps this generous group giving.

Some of the projects on the drawing board include Colorado Cares, local gardens grant requests, the Forsythe forest service project, a membership drive, and the Eldora expansion issue.

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Present board members are: Teagen Blakey, secretary; Teresa Keller, president; Gwyn Bass, teen board member, Brent Warren, board member and Rebecca Loges, board member.

To become part of this active team of peace-loving peace activists, contact, 303-938-9658.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.