December Nederland Police Reports

In the past month, the Nederland Police Department issued 23 non-parking tickets, 6 parking tickets, 3 city ordinance tickets, 3 miscellaneous tickets and one state law.

On Dec. 5, a Nederland police officer was on patrol when he received a report of credit card fraud. The officer went to the business to inspect the credit card terminal and found no sign of tampering. When the officer met with the victim they determined that since the fraudulent transactions on the card had occurred after using the card at the business, the information might have been stolen from a skimming device. The woman reported a total of 13 fraudulent transactions. The bank had contacted her and she confirmed that she had not made the purchases. She was told the charges would be reversed and refunded.

A few days later, the NPD received another report of credit card fraud involving a credit card being compromised after being used at the local businesses. The officer inspected inside and outside the store and examined the credit card devices and did not see any wires that had been tampered with. The next day the owner purchased the security tape which the officer viewed. He decided the business has done everything they could to keep customer cards from being compromised. NPD and other county agencies have seen an increase in fraudulent credit cards in the last two months. The NPD and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office are working together to find the suspect.

On Dec.8, the NPD officers were sent to North Caribou Street on the report of a structure fire. The person who reported the fire said he was stopping to check on his friend and saw the fire. The officer went inside and noticed a man lying on the bed in a room, conscious and breathing but too weak to move on his own. The officer went further into the house and saw a dog laying on the floor, still breathing, but also unable to move. The house was filled with smoke but there were no visible flames.

A Nederland firefighter arrived and was able to get the patient out of the house and began administering first aid. The patient was transported to a landing zone area where he was put in a medi-vac chopper and taken to University Hospital. The dog was given oxygen and responded.

Nederland Fire Department reports that the fire was caused by a patient falling asleep while smoking a cigarette and using oxygen. It appeared that the cigarette burned the man in the bed and melted through the oxygen hose, catching the bedding on fire and burning the patient.

On Dec. 8 a woman reported that she had received a phone call from an unknown male with a blocked number. The woman is a registered nurse as well as a counselor and he had obtained her phone number from her website. The man began to talk about his relationship with his girlfriend and described his body, including talk about his testicles.

The woman recommended he see a medical doctor and hung up. She said she had no other contacts out of the ordinary and believes she knows the suspect. At this time there is no crime to report.

On Dec. 9, a local business delivered some unclaimed items to the police department, including a signed check, two credit cards and a check book. After unsuccessful attempts to contact the person named on the check, all items were destroyed.

On Dec. 17, Ned officers were dispatched to a rollover crash, with the vehicle upside down in Barker Reservoir. A City of Boulder employee noticed the vehicle during his morning inspection. Rescue crews arrived but when they were able to get into the vehicle, it was empty. They then searched the water under the vehicle. A couple of hours later, the NPD officers responded to a call saying a deceased man had been found on the opposite side of the lake.

It was determined that the deceased man was the owner of the vehicle in the reservoir and he had apparently walked across the ice, tried to get to a house to get help, and collapsed.

On Dec. 20, a woman walked into the NPD to report a fraud on her Verizon Wireless account. She said she was contacted by the company who told her someone in either Oregon or California had started an application process on her phone account, trying to get three additional phones. She contacted Verizon’s fraud department and stopped the application process, froze her bank account and plans to open a new one. She also cancelled her credit card.

On Dec. 27, a Ned officer was sent to investigate the report of a harassment and possible sexual assault. The woman described a man wearing a blue jacket with fur on the hood. The officer saw a male matching the description of the suspect in the visitor center parking lot. The officer took the man to the police department.

The victim said she was approached by the man in a local bar and then he grabbed her breast and butt. She said the possible witnesses were not locals. Employees at the business didn’t see anything but they heard yelling. When the two people went outside, the woman followed the man, carrying a pool cue and saying she would beat his butt. The officer, after talking to her again, reported that both of the people involved were intoxicated. The officer gave the man a ride home and told him to keep his distance from the woman. There was insufficient evidence to charge the man.

On Dec. 25, a man reported a theft from his vehicle. He said he had been attending a Christmas party and had parked outside on the street, near the home. He did not lock the vehicle. When he returned to the vehicle, he noticed his pedal board was missing. The pedal board was in a black case with blue writing on it. The officer found no evidence and there are no suspects.

On Dec. 27, the NPD was notified of a hypothermic intoxicated male lying on the ground. The officer located the identified van and found the man lying in the snow. A neighbor reported that the man had been living in the van for weeks and had been parked on private property. The van was slated to be towed away by the property owner. The neighbor said she saw the man lying near the van and at first thought he changing a flat tire so it could be driven away before it was towed. When he hadn’t moved after 30 minutes, she noticed he did not have any shoes, socks or a heavy coat. The temperature was about 15 degrees and expected to drop to 0.

The officer saw a gallon of water in the van that was frozen solid. The man asked what happened but couldn’t conduct a conversation. AMR and NFPD medics arrived. He was put into the ambulance and transported to the hospital.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.