Astrology : Valentine

MtnEarTemp2008Aquarius started February with Candlemas, the half-way mark in the calendar between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Now the bearer of electric energy shares his romantic holiday with all of the other signs. Valentine’s Day arrives on the 14th.

Mercury enters Aquarius, his genius position on the day of romance.  He will then be completely back on track, after his recent retrograde cycle. He will provide clever solutions in your life, as well as unique romantic celebrations for the day of hearts and flowers.

Aries- Valentine’s Day arrives this week, and with it all sorts of ingenious ideas for you about what to do with your nearest and dearest. Perhaps, as you are athletic, you will want to schedule a day on the slopes and a night at one of the finest restaurants that you can find for romantic fun.

Taurus- You will want to be out and about with your honey on the big day of romance. The stars say that public celebration will be the way to go this year. You could join with other couples or friends, and go to the theatre or a concert and then have dinner, either on the day or the weekend.

Gemini- Double delight for the twins of the zodiac on the big romance day. Not only is the fourteenth the day when hearts float through the air, but it is also when Mercury, your ruler, returns to the location of his detour, and then starts zooming forward with clever ideas.

Cancer- Elegance is the word for you this year on Valentine’s Day. You could go dining and dancing in one of the capitals of Europe, or in one of the major cities in the USA. You could tango in Brazil or in Denver. Gowns and white ties are in order for this encounter with cupid.

Leo- Valentine’s Day always occurs for Leos in the month that stars the sign opposite yours, Aquarius. Opposites make for attraction in the world of astrology. This is a special day for you, so prepare a delightful celebration with your honey, as you are attractive and in demand.

Virgo- Although this is an extremely hard-working cycle for you, and what really is different about that? You are often at work, but do remember to take time off for a fine celebration of Valentine’s Day. The work will be waiting for your expert Virgo touch when you return.

Libra- Libra is the sign of romance. You are the director in the stars for love, relationships, and marriage. Therefore, the fourteenth of February is a perfect holiday for you. When the Sun is in Aquarius, which it is, cupid becomes your ally, so ask someone out and plan a romance.

Scorpio- On Valentine’s Day, the cosmos is suggesting that you create a romantic environment in your home. You can cook your favorite foods together, and then dance across the room together. Togetherness and privacy are in the stars for you. Have fun in your very own mountain cabin.

Sagittarius- Inventive, original ideas for the day of hearts and flowers are in the stars for you. You may want to dance in front of the Taj Mahal, or tango on Mardi Gras in Brazil, or have a valentine shaped crepe in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Think outside of the box.

Capricorn- Venus, the goddess of love, is in your sign, so you could go make elaborate plans for Valentine’s Day. The girl on the half shell is also in charge of over the top deserts, so you could design an incredible heart shaped sweet to follow the romantic dinner for two on the fourteenth.

Aquarius- Happy Valentine’s Day! You are the director of the festivities for the big day of romance. Given that Mercury, the symbol of the mind, enters your ingenious sign on the 14th, the sky is the limit for unusual celebrations this year. Design a really inventive celebration.

Pisces- The sign that precedes yours, Aquarius, has brought us Candlemas at the beginning of the month, so we are half-way to the Spring Equinox. Now the water-bearer becomes very romantic, so expect to break up the winter cold with an ingenious candlelit dinner for two.

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