Read in Ned : A busy year

Jay Mann, Nederland.    Well, it’s been a quiet week (but a busy year) in Lake Wobegon…excuse me…the Nederland Community Library, here in our hometown, up in the mountains. It’s December and Old Man Winter has finally shared some snow; the lowland skiers will surely follow. We are reminded how lovely it can be to curl up at the fire rather than outside with a shovel. When the wind howls outside, alienating us from the natural world we normally love, it encourages escapism of all sorts, reading and movies being fine choices. So, naturally, we go to the library.

At the library it’s been a year full of stories. The toddlers at our weekly storytimes learned a lot of new tales and songs and picked up some early literacy skills along the way. Perhaps you caught some stories of Eldora Past at last October’s reading by Kay and Lee. Lots of people used Facebook and email to catch up on news from friends and loved ones. If we were to trace the paths of all the books and movies that were checked out, we would find a map of the world, a weave of branches creating a tree of knowledge, and a human heart with a cascade of colors.

On a personal note, this was my first year here in Nederland and it was great to hear all sorts of stories about the community. I started with the edges (like a puzzle) and it’s been great to see the details of people and stories get fleshed out over time. Speaking of stories, one of the dangers of working in a library is that you are exposed to more books than you could possibly read. There actually is a Japanese word for this, “Tsundoku.” It translates as new, unread books that pile up. I think a more realistic resolution for me than reading more will be to acquire less.

Looking towards next year…

We will be doing a community survey very soon. This will be your opportunity to let us know how we’re doing, what resources would be most useful to you, and what types of programs and classes would help you along your path / journey.

We have a number of upcoming events in early 2016. Mark your calendars now for the fifth anniversary celebration of the library from 2 – 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 23rd. On Friday, January 8th, the library will be holding a trivia night at Salto at 6 p.m. and on Wednesday, February 3rd at 7 p.m., Leslie Young – one of the chief scientists on the Pluto New Horizons Mission – will be giving a talk.

Over the course of next year, we will be offering a range of Financial Literacy courses, from budgeting basics to managing money during retirement. Stay tuned for some new technology, including a Creative Computer Station and a 3D printer.

That’s the news from the Library, where all the staff and volunteers are strong (and essential!), all the patrons are good looking, and all the books are above average.

Jay Mann is the director of the Nederland Community Library.