Central City Alderman : Year in Review

Janet Perry, Central City   The year started off with an Executive Session being called to deal with Gilpin County District court litigation concerns and a discussion with the town’s attorney.

The Council passed a Gaming Device Fee to fund CCBID advertising and marketing expenses.  Council anticipated $154,283 from the device fee.
Deb Wray and David Forsyth were appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission.  Lisa Leven and Alison Hickok were appointed to the Planning Commission.

The Council passed a resolution approving a contract with Colorado Coach Transportation for a shuttle service within Central City and including stops in Black Hawk.  The service is intended for casino patrons.

The Council adopted Hearing procedures for their Retail Marijuana Store Licensing Authority.  Marijuana stores must get a state license approved by local jurisdiction as put forth in C.R.S. 12-43.4-309.  Local licensing authorities must make sure applicants comply with local regulations before granting approval.

The city incurred more legal fees on behalf of their mayor. Council went into executive session to discuss District Court Case No. 2014CV00012 with the city attorney.

The city decided to experiment with dispersing Magnesium Chloride from a 1,000 gallon tank on a Parkway plow.

The Council passed Resolution 15- 06 adopting the Interim Community Economic Development Strategic Plan.  Council sunset the plan approval and adoption to December 31, 2016.

The Council gave a fond farewell to Public Services Director Shawn Griffith.  Griffith will continue doing contract work for the city.

Jason Nelson was appointed as Utilities Director and Sam Hoover was appointed as Public Works Director.

The Alderman Council selected a new archway sign design concept and approved the installation of new Central City Parkway archway sign.

The Council passed a resolution creating a partnership with Black Hawk and the Timberline Fire Protection District.  The partnership involved sharing of equipment.

The Council, acting as members of Central City Retail Marijuana Store Licensing Authority, conditionally approved a retail marijuana store, Rocky Mountain Organics.

The Public Works’ snow plow operators did a great job keeping the Parkway clear during the first big snow. The plow-drivers worked around the clock during the storm. They were praised by all.

Central City Rules of Procedure were reinstated with revision around community input encouragement.

Central City clarified that a portion of the transportation device fee revenue will go towards transportation services and improvements. The funds are to be administered by the Central City Transportation Enterprise.

The Central City Transportation Enterprise was approved to enter into a loan agreement with Colorado Department of Transportation.

Central City Alderman created the Main Street Central City Commission.  ‘Main Street’ Members appointed by the mayor. The police were praised for their help on the Fourth of July.

New retail marijuana store, Grow House Central City LLC conditionally approved to do business in Central City.

Tyrus Schmalz awarded help with post-secondary education at Colorado State University from the Central City Promise Program. Bid approved for Central City Parkway Flood Repair Project to go to ESCO.

Main Street was said to ‘be alive’ with Mexican Fiesta. Alderman Laratta says that Main Street is looking beautiful.

A new sign code is adopted. Ordinance No.1507. The new sign code was voted on in the September and October work sessions. The new code deals with content neutrality of sign regulations, the number, structure and placement of signs, allowed materials and design elements; lighting and illumination of signs, maintenance and duration of signs ( including temporary signs. ) There were public meetings to take comment around the suggested language.

The City renewed their agreement with the Prospector’s Run Home Owners Association for Snow Removal. Council accepted CIRSA quotes for Property/Casualty and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The County applied for a grant with the State Historic Fund for roofing. A family’s private donation helps to save the old Belvidere building.

Reserve Casino Hotel granted Permanent Modification of Premise approval for changes allowing later hours of operation. Central City accepted an early $600,000 payment from G.F. Gaming in annual license fees. City moved ahead with purchase of the Big-T lot.

CC Tollgate Deli, LLC Deli Tavern was granted a liquor license and an approval for a Promotional Association/Common Consumption Area. This will allow them to serve alcohol 24/7, which will increase tax revenue for Central City.

The Board adopted Ordinance 15-06 in July of 2015.  The Ordinance amended Article 6 of the Central City Municipal Code removing the 10:00 PM limitation on common consumption area hours.  It now allows for promotional association requests for extended hours of operation through the night.

Central City Alderman Council approved Ordinance 11-16 in 2011, which imposed a marketing fee of $5.00 a month for each device. This was to fund advertising and marketing expenses for the CCBID.  It has been extended each year since. At the end of 2015, the adjustable fee will expire. Ordinance 15-10 extended the fee through 2016.  It was changed to $7.00 a month per device per the CCBID’s request.

The Alderman Council approved a Contract with DOLA for Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance.  The grant is for $200,000 and up to $100,000 from the city that would then be matched.  These funds will be earmarked for consultant(s) to update the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code which must be finished by Jan. 31, 2017.

The Alderman Council approved a Fourth Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement with the CC Business Improvement District for marketing in 2016.

A Resolution was passed, allowing for allocation of additional money in the 2015 Budget for the Capital Improvement Fund for the Big T-Lot Acquisition and Improvement Project. The Resolution also allowed for more money for the Finance/ Human Resources Dept. part of the General Fund for consolidation of photocopier, telephone and internet expenses, changes in staffing and the purchase of accounting software.

A request by Gilpin County Schools for help with the Spelling Bee competition was agreed upon and a donation of $500 was allocated for the competition.
Three candidates have ‘thrown their names into the hat’ for the open Alderman seat.  Bobbie Hill, Kara Tinucci and Jeff Aiken will compete for the seat in a February mail-in ballot election.

Central City’s Main Street Commission held a Christmas Tree Contest, which saw windows in vacant buildings on Eureka street decorated festively, as well as the downtown businesses’ beautiful festive displays. The city provided lights for the empty Eureka building windows.  Public works also decorated downtown streets as well as a fun Christmas tree.