Nederland Police Reports

Traffic Non-parking: 26
City Ordinance:1
Traffic-Parking: 5
Traffic-City Ordinance: 1

On November 4, a Nederland Police Officer responded to a report of a Dodge Caravan that had been stolen in the last few hours. The victim parked two blocks away from her destination, off the road, on the grass. The officer went to the area and saw fresh snow tire tracks leaving the grass. The officer drove around and found the vehicle three blocks away. The car was locked and there were no signs of damage. He talked to a witness who said the car was there all day. It didn’t add up. The engine was warm.

The woman retrieved the car. The officer determined it was unknown if someone intended to steal the vehicle or if someone was playing trick on her. End of report.

On November 7, a patrol officer was dispatched to talk to a woman who encountered three dogs at large who acted in an aggressive manner towards her. She said the lead dog showed its teeth and charged at her, causing her to swing her purse as a deterrent. The owner of the dogs retrieved his animals. The woman wanted the owner to receive a summons, saying she was concerned for her dog’s safety. The dogs’ owner said that one of three dogs belonged to a friend who didn’t close the gate to the enclosed yard. He said it was an accident. He said they were not vicious. The officer gave him a summons.

On November 11, a Nederland officer responded to a domestic call and headed to the address where he saw the front door was standing open. The officer was informed there was firearm in the house and the parents were fighting over the kids. He saw a young girl sitting in the vehicle in the driveway.  When the officer approached the house, a man stepped out to meet him. He said the gun was in the kitchen. A woman was inside with a young man. The woman had come to the house thinking her daughter was in danger, because she had called sounding upset. When the officer spoke to the girl, she said she got mad over nothing and wanted to stay. The officer opted to clear the case with a report and mediation.

On November 18, officers checked a hazard call due to a loose tent, blown by high winds. When the officer arrived he saw several personal items scattered throughout the yard, among them a prescription pill bottle. The pills were put into safe keeping.

On November, 22, A patrol officer noticed a truck he had contacted last September that had displayed fictitious license plates. He checked on the plates and learned the current plates were not valid, had expired in 1/13. Dispatch said there was no record of the license number on file or listed to any vehicle. The officer issued the driver a summons.

On November 23, an employee at a local business called the police department saying a coworker had shown up at work crying because she had been in a fight with her boyfriend. When interviewed by the officer, the woman said she was a situation that was very scary and felt she had no control over the suspect’s control over her. She said the argument started because she was late from visiting her sister.

When she woke up in the morning, on her way to work, her boyfriend blocked the door and locked it and then got out his shotgun. He threatened suicide and said if the police showed up he would shoot them. Then he threatened to shoot her if she told anyone or called the police.

The Ned officer contacted the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department for backup. The suspect was seen leaving the residence and then heading back, and the deputies made a traffic stop and took him into custody.

The shotgun and ammunition were found in the house as well as five large knives placed around the house, which the woman said were used to intimidate her. The man was arrested for harassment and domestic violence.