Murdoch takes five wins

wrestlilng CooleyBarbara Lawlor, Gilpin County.  The Gilpin County Youth Wrestling team traveled to Brighton High School on Saturday to compete at a 5A level, and once again demonstrated that they can stand up against the top level competition.

As the season reaches the half way point the competition only gets harder.  In this last tournament before Christmas, the GCYW entered 23 athletes and 17 of them finished in the top four.

In the six and under category, weighing between 35 and 39 pounds, Cooley Murdock took first place with his five wins.

Other individual statistics:
U6 41-43, Blake Weichel, 4th
U8 57-60, Michael DePintos-Jones, 3rd
U8 65-71, Mason Sechler, 3rd
U10 50-55, Matt Nelson, 2nd
U10 50-55, Xander Taylor, 3rd
U10 65-72, Joseph Morgan, 3rd
U10 68-75, Zach Frye, 4th
U10 91-95, Benjamin Gebhart, 4th
U10 97-108, Zacharia Gebhart, 3rd
U12 51-52, Keggin Murdock, 2nd
U12 66-70, Kamron Brewer, 4th
U12 77-82, Joseph Airola, 1st
U12 85-95, Kaleb Oliver, 1st
U12 110-123, William Siegrist, 4th
U14 98-107, Michael Wenholz, 3rd
U14 148-152, Mateo Maldonado, 1st

GCYW kids will compete on January 2nd at the Rocky Mountain Nationals “Who’s Bad” Tournament at the National Western Stock Show complex in Denver followed up by GCYW hosting a Metro League Tournament on January 9th.

Coach Pete Morgan says, “We are looking forward to building on all of our success, our hosting dates have raised enough money that next season we will be able to reduce our registration fees dramatically and are working towards eliminating them altogether.  We have worked hard and come along way this year towards achieving that and all of our goals.”

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.