Just a Minute : December Central City Alderman

Janet Perry, Central City.  Central City’s Alderman meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM on December 1st at 141 Nevada Street in Central City.  All Board members were present along with City Staff.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the agenda was approved. The Consent Agenda for the Nov. 3rd meeting was approved, along with the regular bill lists up through Nov. 19th.  Mayor Engels inquired about a check for the Central City Opera Association and was told by City Manager Miera that it would be given to them after their December 15th presentation.

No comments were made during the time set aside for public participation.

The Mayor opened up the Liquor License Authority to discuss Century Casino Liquor’s request to remove their deli area from the current liquor license.

There was also a request from CC Tollgate Deli, LLC Deli Tavern for a Liquor License as well as a request for approval of a Promotional Association/ Common Consumption Area.  This would be two licenses for one establishment, allowing them to serve patrons 24/7.  The change would allow for additional sales tax for Central City when the establishment serves liquor after 2:00 AM.

The Board adopted Ordinance 15-06 in July of 2015.  The Ordinance amended Article 6 of the Central City Municipal Code removing the 10:00 PM limitation on common consumption area hours.  It now allows for promotional association requests for extended hours of operation through the night.

After a discussion of the requirements being met for the  requests, both were unanimously accepted and the Liquor Licensing Authority was closed.

The next item on the agenda was an Action Item under New Business.  Ordinance No. 15-10 would amend Article V of Chapter 6, Central City Municipal Code with regards to Gaming Device Fees.

City Manager Miera explained that Central City Alderman Council had approved Ordinance 11-16 in 2011, which imposed a marketing fee of $5.00 a month for each device.  This was to fund advertising and marketing expenses for the CCBID.  It has been extended each year since.  At the end of 2015, the adjustable fee will expire.  Ordinance 15-10 would extend the fee through 2016.

Miera also explained that the fee would be determined by the number of devices in the City and the amount required by the CCBID to handle marketing.  The CCBID would like the fee to be set at $7.00 for 2016 and Ordinance 15-10 reflects this increase.

The move to adopt the Ordinance, with a second reading and public hearing on Tues., Dec. 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM carried unanimously.

The next Item was the Contract with DOLA for Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance.  The grant is for $200,000 and up to $100,000 from the city that would then be matched.  These funds would then be earmarked for consultant(s) to update the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code which must be finished by Jan. 31, 2017.

If approved, Central City staff would then prepare a Request for Proposal and begin soliciting bids from consulting firms to do the work.  Work should begin in January of 2016 with the selected firm.  The Comp Plan was last updated in 2003.  Along with those revision, the Codes would need to reflect any changes.

Central City staff would work closely with the firm, keeping the Council, the Planning Commission and public informed so that their participation would be encouraged.

The motion to approve passed unanimously and the Mayor was directed to sign the grant contract.

Three candidates for the empty Alderman seat had been submitted, according to Central City Clerk Reba Bechtel.  They were Bobbie Hill, Kara Tinucci and Jeff Aiken.  The election was set for February 2nd and will be a mail-in ballot.

Manager Miera then updated the Council on the IGA with Black Hawk regarding the shuttle service.  It will appear on the December 15th Agenda.  The Colvin Tract parking lot, owned by Black Hawk will appear before the Planning Commission January 6th and then before the Council on January 19th.

Then Alderman Voorhies thanked Central City Public Works for handling snow removal and shared details of the Tommyknocker events planned for the weekend.

Mayor pro tem Heider praised the Main Street Commission for the Christmas Tree Contest which was providing holiday cheer in the vacant windows on Eureka as well as festive downtown businesses.

Mayor Engels gave a big thanks to Central City’s Public Works crew for their decorations downtown as well as the beautiful Christmas tree.

During the Public Forum, Barb Thielemann gave an update on the Tommyknocker events and thanked those  decorating trees in the vacant buildings and in downtown businesses.

Bobbie Hill then thanked the City for the lights provided for the Eureka windows.

The Council then adjourned the meeting and went into Executive Session to discuss legal questions around water rights litigation.