Weather blesses Eldora opening

Barbara Lawlor, Eldora.  Corduroy trails on diamond studded snow under cobalt skies. That’s what the brochures call a Colorado picture-perfect ski and snowboard day. It might look like that on Friday, Nov. 17th when Eldora Mountain Resort flips the switch on the lifts, or it could look as predicted: snow flurries in the 30s.

Either way the snow on the trails is as good as it can be, says EMR’s new general manager Brent Trageskis, probably the best in recent years. “We expect a great opening day with all of our beginner runs ready to go, except Bonanza and Corkscrew.”

A team of over 40 snowmakers have been running the guns whenever possible, creating a white skiable/snowboardable blanket. Both Cannonball and Challenge are ready to whisk guests up the hill. Open trails include: Jolly Jug, Sunset, Windmill, International, Hornblower, Kondike and there is a good chance Lower Ambush will open to Indian Peaks lift on Saturday. Dependent on the weather.

Snowmaking began three weeks ago, with operations full blast when the temps were right. Although it warmed up some in the past week, the snow on Monday stuck and more is expected.

“I feel great about this year,” says Tregaskis. “The stars are aligning up just right.”

Although this is his first year as Eldora’s general manager, taking over for Bill Killebrew, the EMR owner who held the position last year, Tregaskis says he came to ski here 32 years ago.

For the past 17 years he was the general manager of Bear Mountain Resort in the San Benardino Mountains outside Los Angeles. He was the Bear Mountain general manager for earlier owner, Booth Creek, until 2002 and then for new owner, Snow Summit Ski Corp, led by Dick Kun.

When Mammoth Mountain purchased Big Bear Mountain Resorts this past season, Tregaskis became the vice president/general manager of both resorts.

He says in regards to Eldora, “The region is on a steady population growth path and is a perfect blend of urban/mountain living. I am excited about being involved in the new chapter of Colorado skiing in general and Eldora Mountain Resort in particular.”

Over the weekend, Tregaskis completed a trial run of the EMR product and pronounced it perfect.

Our local snowsports resort has aimed, fired its guns and is ready to go for the 2015-2016 season.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.