Nederland Police Reports

On September 22, a Ned officer was dispatched to a report of a disturbance involving a knife. When he arrived at the residence he went into the living room and saw a man and a woman sitting on a couch.

The man says he lives next to the resident with some roommates and had decided to lock the front door because he had been bothered by an unidentified male earlier who had entered the house.When the roommate came home he became angry because the door was locked. The roommates argued and then the suspect  picked up a Winchester 12 gauge pump action shotgun and said  Colorado has a “make my day law and anyone coming through the door would get shot. As he spoke he became more and more worked up and not making sense.

The roommate became afraid when the suspect became physically threatening, trying to start a fight. The suspect grabbed the shells for the shotgun and then the suspect pulled a knife from his front pocket, holding it in a threatening manner. The roommate ran from the house and called the police.

When the officer arrived, he saw the man on the couch who appeared to be asleep, with the shotgun near his right hand. Boulder County deputies arrived for backup.  The officer agent in and placed the man in handcuffs and informed him of his rights. He appeared to be intoxicated. He said he was upset and had been drinking whiskey. He was transported to the Boulder County Jail became more

On Oct. 1, the Nederland Police Department responded to an animal cruelty report, that a dog was being beaten and then dragged by the collar out of view, crying. Another witness said the suspect also kicked the dog who was limping.

When Boulder County Animal Control was contacted, they said if the dog wasn’t injured, there was no cruelty. They suggested a welfare check and physical examination. The officer went to house of the dog’s owner. He spoke to the suspect who stated he did not hit or kick the dog, but the dog often made noises.

He said he just “put the dog to the ground.” The man was becoming agitated. The officer asked to see the dog and when the owner called, the dog came running, tail wagging, happy to respond.

The officer checked his body and the dog did to wince or yelp. He appeared to be fine. At this time there are no charges. Case is closed.

On October 4, a Ned officer was dispatched to the corner of First Street and Hwy. 119 on a driving complaint. The witness followed the suspect vehicle k into town and saw it pass unsafely on the highway. The vehicle parked in front of a local liquor store, on the sidewalk. The witness reported that the driver left the vehicle and was stumbling around. He then returned to the vehicle and backed out, driving down to east Third Street where he was stopped by a Ned officer. When asked for registration and insurance, the man said his father hadn’t paid the bill.

The driver refused to do roadside maneuvers. He said he was having problems with his power steering, but he also had trouble with his balance. The officer asked the witness to drive by the vehicle and identify the suspect. The driver said he was heading northbound on Hwy 119 when a car came into his lane causing him to swerve left off the road and almost hit hit some trees. The officer noticed an empty bottle of Fireball Whiskey on the floor near the passenger’s seat. He said it was from a few days ago.

Based on the evidence, the officer placed the driver under arrest for suspicion of DUI/DUID and transported to the Boulder County Jail. He was also charged with passing where prohibited.

Later, on October 14, a woman came to give information about the incident. She said she was riding in the vehicle heading from Rollinsville to Nederland, saying she got out of the car when they stopped at the liquor store and hitch hiked home. The woman was so upset at near collision that she refused to ride with the driver anymore.

On October 14, a man walked into the NPD to report a theft. He said he had gone to Nederland High School to watch a football game and said the principal of the school told him to leave school grounds and park elsewhere. The man said the principal had issues with the flag displayed in the back of the truck. he said when he returned to the truck, the flag was gone and it was worth $28.

He said he used to go the high school. There are no witnesses and no suspects.

On October 17, an officer was sent to investigate a reported domestic situation at a campground. The report said a man had choked a female and thrown her down and then got out a knife causing her to lock herself in her vehicle. According to the dispatch, other people were being threatened.

When the officer arrived, he saw three people pointing to the southend of a campsite and said the suspect had run into the woods. The officer shouted for the man to show himself. When he did not, he told the man a K9 unit was coming to find him. The officer maintained  a defensive position at the end of the campsite. The female said they had taken the knife from the suspect and thrown it under a vehicle. Nederland Fire Protection District personnel arrived at the scene and transported all the victims to the NPD.

The officers began to track the suspect with K9 Vulcan. The man returned to the camp area and was taken into custody by the Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.