Sagittarius1Karen Anderson, Nederland.

What would you like to learn? Sagittarius symbolizes all of the knowledge that our society and civilization encompasses. Perhaps you would like to learn how to play the oboe, or to develop pathways in your brain that allow you to appreciate you.

In modern psychology, neuroplasticity is the dazzling new concept. As the brain learns, it changes itself. Therefore at any age, and any point in life, the brain has the capacity to develop new skills. With the Sun in the sign of the archer, you can open new vistas.

Aries- Neuroplasticity is the hot new concept in the world of psychology. The brain is viewed as the hardware and the mind as the software. Your fiery friend in the stars, Sagittarius, is leading you into new pathways in your brain using your very own mind as programmable software.

Taurus- Anchoring the learning that you have achieved astrologically over the past three years is an easy project as you realize that the grey matter of the brain has 100 billion neurons that make 100 trillion connections, allowing you to function more clearly and efficiently in partnerships.

Gemini- Quadrillions of signals are constantly being sent inside the grey matter of your brain. Mercury, the messenger in astrology, is your ruling planet and he is currently assisting the Sun in the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius, allowing you to view reality as a movable feast.

Cancer- The Moon Children ebb and flow like their ruling planet, the silver moon. Modern psychology tells us that the billions of neurons in the brain fire at the rate of 50 times a second. You have the ability to create your own reality by embracing your vision for these connections.

Leo- There are three enthusiastic fire signs. Uranus is visiting, Aries, bringing adventures, and now Saturn, Mercury and the Sun are in intellectual Sagittarius. You are the third, receiving mental stimulation and the potential for adventures from your fellow fire signs in the triad.

Virgo- Philosophical Sagittarius is now in the center of the stars. The ruler for this sign, lucky Jupiter, is visiting you until October of 2016. Therefore, fortune favors you in your life in general, and in particular in the areas of health and exercise, and new pathways in diet.

Libra- In your role as the social director of the stars, you are particularly inspired by the holiday season. Right now in the heavens Sagittarius is showing all of us how we can design new neural pathways in our brains. You can do this as you introduce friends old and new to each other.

Scorpio- Freedom, freedom, freedom is the song that you are singing now that Saturn, the teacher of the stars, has left your sign after three years of higher education. Sagittarius, now in the center of the stars, guides you as you create mental pathways that design your year ahead.

Sagittarius- Not only is the Sun in your sign, signaling your birthday, but clever Mercury and the teacher in the stars, Saturn are there as well. Now that you are in the center of the stars, you are showing all of the signs how to make new pathways in the brain to allow new learning to unfold.

Capricorn- You are next! You’re standing in the batter’s circle in the big baseball game in the sky. You are the next sign at bat. Not only that, but you introduce the next season, at the winter solstice. This is the ideal time for you to review the past year and prepare to design the new one.

Aquarius- Aquarius is the sign that is renowned for transcending the current time line. The Sun is now visiting intelligent Sagittarius, allowing you to look back at where you have been and forward to where you choose to go, becoming the master of the time and space continuum.

Pisces- Sagittarius, the sign currently in the center of the stars, is ruled by expansive Jupiter, now visiting your partner, Virgo. When the big planet is in your opposite sign, fortunate connections with other people occur for you. Look for breakthroughs with mates and business partners.

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