Nederland September Police Reports

On September 16, a man and woman came into the Nederland Police Department to report vandalism to their vehicle, which had been parked in front of their house. The couple told the officer that they had parked the vehicle at around 6 pm. The next morning they noticed damage to the front grille area as they left for work.

The Ned officer reported that the that the grille appeared to have been struck by something that caused it to crack, and the symbol was broken in half. There was also some paint and rust transfer on the damaged area. Tire tracks in the area could possibly indicate that the damaged vehicle was struck by another vehicle as the driver attempted to turn around. The officer saw nothing to indicate that the damage was done intentionally. There are no suspects or vehicle descriptions at this time.

On September 18, the NPD was dispatched to a resident report of a theft. He met a woman residing in a pull-behind camper trailer. She said she had a set of temporary trailer lights stolen from a home-made utility trailer. The lights have a magnetic base and an extra long length of cord connected to a wiring harness/plug. The woman purchased the lights prior to picking up the trailer. They cost $20.

The officer noticed the wires were not cleanly cut, they were elongated and frayed, and the insulation appeared to be worn away from the conductor. The wires were under the trailer with “excessive” wire wrapped around the hitch area. The wire appeared to have been dragging on the ground until worn through and then run over by the trailer.
The case is closed as unfounded.

On September 18, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the West Magnolia area to assist with a gunshot report. As he entered the area, a vehicle, which he recognized from a previous incident, was leaving. The officer was flagged down by two men. The one who reported the incident was obviously shocked.

The man reported that the suspect had been beating his wife, that he was drunk, and that he had a .38 special long barrel revolver. The officer headed to the campsite where the incident took place with his department issued shotgun. He crept to the site and heard a man shout in an angry, hostile manner to come get him, he was going to kill someone.

The officer then heard someone running toward him, stopping about 30 yards away, when he heard four gunshots. He called for back up and found cover. He heard a female ask the suspect what he was doing.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived and the two officers heard three more shots fired. The female asked why he had done that. The man told her, “They are trying to take over.”

The Ned officer and the sheriff’s deputy remained in their positions and watched the movements around the campsite. The fire went out and they could hear voices coming from the inside of one of the two vehicles.

More deputies and a SWAT team arrived to take over the situation. A 24-year-old Boulder man was taken into custody on suspicion of felony menacing and third degree assault.

Before the arrest the suspect had been involved in a fight with two other men near the campsite.

One of the men had been beaten up and was transported to the hospital. The SWAT team arrested the suspect without incident.