Gilpin Library Footnotes : An estate, a ship, and forgiveness

PiranhaLarry Grieco, Librarian.   Stuart Woods has written nearly 30 “Stone Barrington” novels over a long and successful career. His latest is called Insatiable Appetites, and has the cool, calm, and collected New York City attorney settling the estate of a respected elderly mentor and friend, Eduardo Bianchi. Bianchi had rumored past mob connections, which complicates matters. Then, back from a convent in Italy, where she has been confined, comes Bianchi’s “crazy daughter,” Dolce.

Meanwhile Stone is celebrating the election of his friend Kate Lee (who seems uncannily like Hillary Clinton) to the U.S. presidency. The estate of Bianchi “unearths secrets that range from merely surprising to outright alarming.”

Booklist: “Multiple exciting story lines…readers of the series will enjoy the return of the dangerous Dolce.”

For adventure and thrilling storylines, chock full of danger and intrigue, you needn’t look further than one of the deans of American popular literature, Clive Cussler. With co-author Boyd Morrison, Cussler has churned out a new novel, Piranha, featuring Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon, contemporary masters of the high seas.

The Oregon was Cabrillo’s creation. It was intended “not only to avoid attention but…actually to repel it.” Topside it looked decrepit, but this was just a deception, while belowdecks there was nothing but sleek elegance. In a covert operation, the Oregon fakes its own sinking, only to be attacked by an unknown adversary.

Cabrillo and his team “struggle to fight back against an enemy who seems able to anticipate their every move.” There’s more going on than meets the eye, as a “traitorous American weapons designer…wields extraordinary power,” and the Oregon must “race against time to stop an attack that could lead to one man’s ruling over the largest empire the world has ever known.” Needless to say, this is vintage Cussler.

Novelist Ann Bauer has a new book out with an offbeat plot. The first-person narrative is handled by Gabriel McKenna, an ex-Catholic priest. After two decades in the priesthood, Gabriel seeks to rebuild his “still-young” life, and is hard at work in his new job at a quiet bookstore. It seems, even after freeing himself of the duties of the confessional, “people [still] feel compelled to share their stories and reveal to him their deepest, guiltiest secrets.”

Enter Madeline Murray, an “ambitious advertising executive,” with an earth-shaking idea: start a business that will “offer confession and forgiveness—the comforts of religion, without the work.” Gabriel is swept up into her vision, while Madeline and her colleagues transform him into the “centerpiece of the forgiveness brand.”

The book is called Forgiveness 4 You, and is a “witty, big-hearted novel about faith and absolution in an America addicted to quick fixes and instant gratification.” Writer Martin Kihn, on Forgiveness 4 You: “A poignant and very funny story about the advertising of redemption and, yes, the redemption of advertising. And like all good ex-Catholic priests, Gabriel McKenna bears a secret in his soul.”

The Summer Reading Program came to a close this past weekend, with our big Meadow Gold ice cream social. Over 140 kids participated this summer, and read a collective thousand or so books. The weekly story and craft hours continue all year round on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. (Some things never change.) So, calling all babies and toddlers—we hope to see you in the library every week!

And the library will soon be gearing up for the 2015 Gilpin Art Studio Tour, taking place on the weekend of September 19 and 20. As in the past, this will offer “free, self-guided tours of artists’ studios in Gilpin County. There will be an art show at the library of representative work from each of the participating artists, and an opening reception on Thursday evening, September 10. The Studio Tour brochures, featuring a map to the artists’ studios, are available at the library.