Mountain Spirit Astrology : New Moon Child

The new moon child experiences the new moon in Cancer on Wednesday, the 15th, on the 23rd day of the Sun’s visit to the sign. Cancer has brought Summer into the world and organized the celebration of the Fourth of July.


The new moon is especially for you, Cancer. This is the start of your whole new astrological year—with the Sun, you in the world around you, and the Moon, your emotions, joining together in your sign. You can now plan your shining new year ahead.

Aries—The new moon in Cancer propels you into plans about your living situation. Perhaps you want to move in with your partner, or purchase a vacation condo, or expand your kitchen. This is a fine time for all of these living situation changes and expansions with the moon’s light.

Taurus—This is a charming new moon ahead, in the sign of the Moon children, Cancer. You will find that your mind will be very expansive, and you will be able to express your ideas and feelings to others with ease. Mercury, the symbol of the mind, is also moving clearly ahead.

Gemini—Money starts to flow in your direction again, with your ruling planet Mercury back on track and the new moon in  a sign that amplifies finances for you, Cancer. This could be a welcome relief for you, as you gather the results of your efforts over the past six weeks.

Cancer—Happy new moon! When the Sun and the Moon merge on Wednesday, the 15th, you start your astrological year. You have brought summer to the planet and the birthday party to the US, but the new moon for the moon children in their very own sign is especially designed for you.

Leo—The sign before yours, Cancer, has its annual new moon this week. This provides fresh energy for you as you prepare for your birthday celebrations and get ready to lead the rest of the zodiac animals into the heart of summer. You are the guardian of the parties of this season.

Virgo—The Cancer new moon equals clarity for you. When the Sun and the moon merge in the sign of the moon child, moon magic is underway. These moon moments will allow you to have the ability to create a long-term game plan for your career and your home life as well.

Libra—Career moves become clearer for Libra under the light of the new moon, and they will expand as the moon grows and starts to move into our line of vision. The new moon occurs on the 15th, and for several days afterward the moon comes more into view and affects your life.

Scorpio—The power sign of Scorpio pauses for romance on the new moon in Cancer. You are a watery sign, just like Cancer, the current sign in the center of the stars. The moon children delight in their annual new moon, and you will too, so plan for fun in the sun with your honey.

Sagittarius—Inhabitants of the intelligent sign of Sagittarius will find that they are journeying into the mystic under the light of the new moon in the perfect sign of Cancer, the moon children. You will start singing that morning has broken like the first morning, surrounded by seas of wildflowers.
Capricorn—Your opposite sign of partnership, Cancer, is celebrating a new moon on the 15th, merging the yin and yang together, and this is a suggestion for you to do the same. Once in every year the moon children, connoisseurs of lunations, celebrate their very own new moon.

Aquarius—Aquarians find a fresh start to a work project under the light of the most fertile new moon of them all, in the sign of the archetypal female, Cancer. In ancient times new moons were considered to be the most fortuitous time to start or reinvigorate a project—so follow suit.

Pisces—One of your favorite astrological events occurs on the 15th, and that is the new moon in the sign of the moon children themselves. You will find summer light and love and peace and mystic revelations. The Sun and Moon blend the inner and outer energies together for all.
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