Anne Snow Memories

Memories from the Nederland Area Seniors



** Anne Snow…a never fading smile, eyes that were always twinkling…a beautiful British accent…how we will miss her!!!  – Mary Wingate


** “Oh, Jeannette, let’s go pub crawling!” Anne would pick up the pine cones at the St. Rita’s parking lot before senior exercise for fire starters. Now they just lie there in the parking lot.  – Jeannette Smith


** During a heavy winter, snowplows kept filling up her driveway and Anne kept going out and shoveling it out again. In her mid-80’s, Anne would get on the roof and clear off the heavy snow. An amazing woman! I loved her spirit and her great sense of humor.  – Arden Buck


** Anne Snow reminds me of mountain wildflowers…hardy, colorful, always bringing a smile to my day. Anne was like that and I will miss our brief conversations and her infectious smile.  – Jeannie Leigh


** I am so saddened to hear of Anne’s death. I knew her from when I was the director of NAS, and I always enjoyed running into her around town and having a quick chat. Anne was always warm, friendly, positive and exceedingly kind. She struck me as an intelligent and insightful woman who valued her friends and the simple pleasures of life. I will miss her. – Andre Mallinger


** Anne loved to play Scrabble and was an excellent player. Her knowledge of words, and especially obscure words, was impressive. She was a very special part of our family and we often had her at our home over the holidays. One Christmas Eve when our daughters were young, we were enjoying an exciting Scrabble game together. The game certainly got interesting when Anne started spelling the most “colorful “ words she could think of! Our daughters were surprised and delighted, giggling away with each new word Anne came up with. With a mischievous twinkle, Anne said “They’re real words, but it wouldn’t be proper to say them to anyone!”  – Cathy Stiers


** Anne and I had a friendly rivalry every spring as to who saw the first Pasque Flower, Hummingbird, and Bluebird. She almost always beat me, so in May, 2008, I left a message on her phone with a hopeful bit of bragging. Here’s her reply, recorded May, 2008:


“This is a message for ‘Al, The Braggart.’ NO, I have NOT seen my first Pasque Flower yet! I’m going to have to hurry and catch up to you. Umm, I haven’t been out Easter hiking for a while. I have good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first. The TICKS are back. I found a tick on myself the other day, and the good news is the Robins are back. Saw one Robin digging for worms, down on the ground, and that was a thrill. I don’t know what the Bluebirds are up to, they keep on crashing against the windows thinking there’s another Bluebird in there. So I don’t know whether they’ll nest on my deck or not. I’ll just have to wait and see. But congratulations on seeing the Pasque flower; you beat me to it this year. So, I hope you’re having a good weekend – maybe you can do something special. And, uhh, that’s about it. Thanks for the call, see you soon, bye bye.”
Recorded Fall, 2006:


“Hello, Kathy and Al, it’s your neighbor Anne calling. With an invitation for tea that I think I’ll be able to follow through. And if you’re both free Saturday afternoon, around, ahhh, one-thirty to two o’clock, sometime in there, come over and have a cup of tea, and I’ll show you how that, ummm, Lifeline thing works, and give you a key, and, ahhh, have a little chat. Haven’t talked to you for quite a while. So I hope things are going well. I was down in Boulder today, oooh, thick fog on the way down. But now I’m back, it’s the afternoon, the sun’s out, it’s gorgeous up here. So, give me a call if you, ahhh, can come Saturday and I’ll put the tea kettle on. Bye now.”  – Al Meyer


** Dear Anne:  I remember when we were talking about Gordon, I said how much I missed him and could not believe he was gone. You said, “Gordon is not gone as long as we remember him, keeping him in our Hearts.”  Anne, you will always be in my heart in every hug I receive, give, and every smile. I loved that God put you in my life. See you one day on the other side. Much love.  – Ressa Lively-Smith


** Anne faithfully attended our Falls Prevention classes a few years ago. Having broken a wrist from a slip on ice, she contributed many excellent ideas to help seniors remain safe in our homes – until she cheerfully admitted she had spent the weekend, at age 83, climbing a rickety ladder by herself to clean the gutters…Our special connection was that she owned a tea cozy possibly knit by my English grandmother.  – Serene Karplus


** Anne was a wonderful person who always had a smile and a cheerful word for everyone. Particularly wonderful was her British accent, her intellectual sharpness and her obvious vigor. In church, her ability to read scripture was amazing. She was professionally expert and was as good or even better than TV and radio announcers. She will be missed for her unique talents.  – George Ritter


** Anne and I both wanted to see “Woman in Gold” showing at the Backdoor Theater a few weeks ago. The weather was terrible – blowing snow, slush on the road, visibility nil. A dark night. I drove no faster than 10 miles per hour. Periodically, Anne would say, “Masterful driving, masterful driving.” We survived; we stayed on the road.  – Jean Foss


** I am so sorry to hear of Anne’s passing yet she lived a long and full life. I worked with Anne at Nederland Elementary and she taught my daughter’s 2nd grade class. She had a great sense of humor and allowed me to call her “AnnaBanana” with an English accent and always laughed in response – she had a great laugh. Enjoy an eternity of peace and joy AnnaBanana!  – Robin Sterner Reddick


** Anne often helped me count lunch money at NAS. And her money count was right! She always had an interesting mischievous story to tell highlighting her great British sense of humor. At local covered dish suppers she brought beautiful delicious deviled eggs which were all quickly demolished. Anne, I miss you and wish you fond farewell.  – Justine Irwin


** The great fun we had working with Anne for the celebration of the Royal Wedding – teapots, champagne toasts, memorabilia, etc. – will always be a highlight. Also, weekly discussion about Masterpiece Theater will be missed.  – Susan and Frank Lutz


** Scrabble. Beautiful. Stately stance. Crossword puzzles (got Monique and Loren started!). Beautiful clothes.  A friend to all.  Familiar with local roads and places.  – Group reminisce by Brock Brocklehurst, Monique and Loren Blaney, Al Meyer, etc.


** “My name is Anne.  With an “e”.  Anne never lost her accent or her British humor.  –  Anonymous


** “Cheeky monkeys!”  – Dale Porter
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Serene Karplus

About the Author: Serene Karplus – is the Executive Director of the Nederland Area Seniors, Inc. (NAS) which assists senior citizens in enhancing their quality of life, enabling them to live a life of respect and honor.  This is accomplished through the facilitation of nutrition, transportation, education, recreation, socialization and outreach programs for all seniors living in the Greater Nederland Area. Serene is a contributor to The Mountain-Ear with her Senior Scene column.