Distant Star Astrology : The Summer Solstice

The glorious golden gateway to the magnificent summer in the mountains occurs on Sunday, June the 21st. The Summer Solstice brings in the new season and astrologically is the beginning of the sign of Cancer, celebrating our Mother the Earth.

Hermes of Greece and Thoth of Egypt are the ancient gods associated with the planet Mercury, the symbol of the mind and communications. Mercury is now moving forward, bringing us results from our efforts over the past month.

Aries—Toth, the ancient Greek analog to the pre-frontal cortex, reminds us this week that we can be the actors in our lives, manifesting what we want, now that Mercury is moving forward again. On Sunday, the Sun opens sunshine and summer sports for you with the solstice.

Taurus—The sign that follows yours, lively Gemini, is now ready, willing, and able to help you manifest your birthday dreams. Mercury, the twins’ ruler, is bounding forward, so you can set up plans for the glorious summer ahead. Your life will fast forward over the rest of the month.

Gemini—The quicksilver messenger, your ruler, is now moving forward, ready to launch your new astrological year, which begins on your birthday. The ancient gods, communicative Hermes, and magical Thoth, are analogs for your ruler. Visualize what you want in your year ahead.

Cancer—Happy Birthday! The gateway to summer, the solstice, is also the harbinger of your birthday, on Sunday the 21st. You bring in celebrations for our Mother the earth, our earthly mothers, and our country. Start your list for plans for your upcoming astrological year.

Leo—The gateway to summer, the solstice, opens the entire world for you. You had been delayed over the past month but not any longer. You can now revel in the lively energy introduced by the twins, because the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, who plans vacations, is at last moving forward.

Virgo—Your ruler, clever Mercury, is finally moving forward in the sign of the dualistic twins. Gemini will allow you to see both sides of current work issues, and then know how to proceed. On the 21st, one of your favorites, Cancer, introduces the summer and pleasures to come.

Libra—The other person’s point of view now becomes clear to you. Mercury, in charge of linguistic efforts, is moving forward. You are the classic sign who is expert at partnerships. Given the lack of a barrier to communication, you resume your comfortable friendships.

Scorpio—Gemini is leaving the center of the stars, and on Sunday one of your favorite signs, Cancer, takes over the helm of the heavens. Before the twins leave, they are reminding you to add flexibility to your tool box. You are determined by nature, and could appreciate adaptability.

Sagittarius—Pleasures of partnership arrive on the scene for you, now that Mercury, the ruler of your opposite sign of relationships, Gemini, is finally moving forward. Speaking the same language that your loved ones speak is a plus, you will find, during the remainder of June.

Capricorn—The glorious golden gateway to summer in the mountains, the solstice, is exactly opposite your power point, which is the start of winter. Your opposite sign of partnership, Cancer, will bring all sorts of parties, social events, and people into your life over the next month.

Aquarius—Aquarius, activate your inner magician. Mercury, the symbol of the mind, is now moving forward in his sign, Gemini. Your ruler, Uranus, symbolizes the higher mind. Thoth, the Egyptian god, is aligned with you, allowing you to link the outer and inner minds this month.

Pisces—The liminal land of gateways is one of your terrains, which is why you are so intuitive. These passages can be the boundaries between seasons or new thought processes. Mercury now moves forward, and Summer arrives, both connecting you to new dimensions in your life.

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