Curtain closes on theater, music

theater awards ben rubio  Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. It was the final act, the swan song, for the seniors.


It was the beginning of many more moments on the Nederland Middle Senior High School stage for the others.


The 2015 Music and Theater Awards ceremony last Friday night, May 15, was complete with evening gowns, drum rolls, the joining of elite ranks of musicians and thespians, and the presentation of Oscar awards. Cheering, enthusiastic applause, laughter, hugs, and a few tears.


Those who participated in the concerts and plays, choirs, bands, and orchestras were acknowledged for their many hours of rehearsals and performance, for their constant practice and striving to improve their skills.


For the entire school year, musicians and actors got up on the Nederland Middle Senior High School stage and played and sang and acted and gave it their all. They practiced and rehearsed so that when it was time to show their family, friends, and community what they could do, they did their best.


Last Friday night, the music and theater students were honored at the annual Music and Theater Awards, the time to name the kids in the orchestra, band, choirs and thespian group, to thank them for entertaining us throughout the year.


Before the many awards were presented, director Liz Evans announced that the NMSHS program won two national awards: they were semi-finalists in the Grammy Signature Awards, the 14th year in a row that Nederland has been in the top 100 in the nation.


The second award was presented by the National Association of Music Manufacturers; the 2015 Support Music Merit Award School is part of the Best Communities for Music Education program. There were 120 schools selected and NMSHS was the only school in Colorado to be named.


In the next couple of hours, music directors Liz Evans, Molly Evans, Susan Jones, and choreographer Ki Goodman presented awards to a large percentage of the NMSHS student body and said goodbye to the seniors who had found their voices on Ned’s stage. The list is long and well-deserved.
theater awards signing inOutstanding Musician Awards

Outstanding 6th Grade Musician: Rowan Nasty and Elena Bloomquist
Outstanding 7th Grade Musician: Ellie Brewer and Alex Sorokach
Outstanding 8th Grade Musician: Sasha Godsil and Scout Edmondson
Outstanding Freshman Musician: Hattie Bakke and Hayley Turner
Outstanding Sophomore Musician: Emily Curcio and Mariah Ingram
Outstanding Junior Musician: Maeve Anderson and Ripley Duke
Outstanding Senior Musician: Bri Lindstrom and Ben Rubio

Music Awards

ML/HS Band:
Most Dedicated: Grace Rhines; Hardest Worker: Cody Martin; Most Improved: Fiona Eggleston; Most Inspirational: Jacob Gerecht
6th Grade Choir:
Most Dedicated: Ely Nitsch; Hardest Worker: Alexandra Berumen-Gonzalez; Most Improved: Amiah Kaufman; Most Inspirational: Lauren Merz and Atticus Fiori
7th and 8th Grade Choir:
Most Dedicated: Ellie Brewer and Hadley Zotti; Hardest Worker: Olivia Greeley; Most Improved: Liesl Nunemacher; Most Inspirational: Mattie Blickenderfer
The Loquations
Most Dedicated: Kalina Culver, Elizabeth Berumen-Gonzalez; Hardest Worker: William Culver and Katie Jewell; Most Improved: Emily Albright
Most Inspirational: Bri Lindstrom
Festival Choir
Most Dedicated: Hattie Bakke; Hardest Worker: Damon Vigil; Most Improved: Morghan Smith Most Inspirational: Cheyenne Gerhardus
High School Orchestra
Most Dedicated: Mackenzie Radandt and Elle Scott.
Hardest Worker: Cara Bloomquist
Most Improved: Grace Rhines
Most Inspirational: James McNamara and Bri Lindstrom.
Top of the Nation Honor Band:
Courtney Clemmer, Maeve Anderson, and Grace Rhines
Middle Level Orchestra:
Most Dedicated: Scout Edmondson and Eileen Lanthier.
Hardest Worker: Haylee Pearlman and Cora Worthington.
Most Improved: Alex Sorokach, Bill McNamara and Zoey Montclaire.
Most Inspirational: Garret Ceurvorst
Most Orchestra: Lucy Buchanan and Deanna Ballough.
6th Grade Band
Hardest Worker: Elena Bloomquist
Most Improved: Matthew McGregor
Most Inspirational: Maddie Prince and Naya Barton
6th Grade Orchestra
Most Dedicated: Allison Hardt-Zeman.
Hardest Worker: Courtney Horton
Most Improved: Karen Sorokach
Most Inspirational: Rowan Nasty

Orchestra Spirit: Rylee Kutscher
Stars of Tomorrow Talent Competition: Ben Rubio and Mariah Ingram
National Choral Award: Ben Rubio and Bri Lindstrom
National Orchestra Award: James McNamera and Mackenzie Radandt
John Phillip Sousa Award: Jacob Gerecht

Fall One Act Plays

Second Class, Asylum, Don’t Fear the Reaper, The Bully Pulpit, 10,000 Cigarettes, The Tarantino Variation
Student directors: Hope Rippy, Kalina Culver, Elizabeth Berumen-Gonzalez, Anna Scott, Ripley Duke, Cheyenne Gerhardus, Natasha Kinczel, Hayley Turner, Emily Curcio
Best Supporting Actor: Nominees are Jaron Dillon, Layton Kasch, Marian Matthies, Nolan Perryman, Liam Nikkel, Ben Rubio, Dante Pasionek, Marcel Kabermatten, Elijah Krajicek. The winner is Liam Nikkel.
Best Supporting Actress: Nominees are Maeve Anderson, Mariah Ingram, Addie Jacoby, Mackenzie Radandt, Cara Bloomquist, Anna Scott, Mattie Blickensderfer, Eve Colton, Emily Albright, Alexandra Berumen-Gonzalez, Carmela Hessner, Naya Barton, Aspen Abel, Lauren Merz. The winner is Alexandra Berumen-Gonzalez.
Best Actor: Nominees are Ben Rubio, Hatcher Edmondson, Jamie Lammers. The winner is Ben Rubio.
Best Actress: Nominees are Baeli Wein, Emily Rumer, Sasha Godsil, Elenor Scott, Meg Feeley, Jesse DeArment, Fiona Eggleston, Abigail Lanthiers, Socia Morrish, Natasha Kinczel, Hattie Bakke. The winner is Emily Rumer.

theater awards maizieSpring Musical – CATS

Director: Jacob Taylor, Ki Goodman, Mallorie Knight,  Kathy Bremer, Josh Lake- Oscars
Tech Awards : The winners are Anne Cox: Outstanding Technical Theater Award; Dante Pasionek: Rookie of the Year; and Adler Mueller: Teachable and Adapting Technical Award
Dance Awards: Michael Wood and Eliana Rodolfi
Ready Willing and Able Oscar: Reyna Revelle.
Teachable and Adapting Oscar: Hattie Bakke
Oh What A Character Oscar: Sasha Godsil
Paws-a-tivity Oscar: Kalina Culver
Best Ensemble Award: The Third Ensemble of Jellicle Ball—Michael Wood, Reyna Revelle, Eliana Rodolfi, Tobiah Nagle, Emily Curcio, Emily Albright, Anna Scott
Supporting Actor Oscar: Michael Wood
Supporting Actress Oscar: Emily Curcio and Anna Scott.
Best Actor Oscar: Ben Rubio
Best Actress Oscar: Emily Albright and Hayley Turner.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.