Firewise Cleanup Checklist

Randy Lee, Nederland Firewise Action Committee. Did you ever wonder where the “Firewise” in the Nederland “Firewise Town Cleanup” came from?

In 2013, the Town decided to seek a designation as a Firewise Community from Firewise Communities / USA, both as a possible aid in acquiring future grant funding for wildfire mitigation projects and, more importantly, to have another means of raising awareness in the community of fire-wise principles.

A Firewise Action Committee was formed, and the committee decided to rebrand the annual Town cleanup event as a Firewise Town Cleanup, so as to encourage residents use the occasion to make their homes safer from the threat of wildfire.

Remember that you don’t have to live in the middle of the forest to be vulnerable to wildfire; ember storms can carry fire miles ahead of a fire front. Be fire-wise and clear the area around your home of flammable material, even if your home is in the middle of town. You might find the following checklist to be helpful in utilizing the annual cleanup event to make your home safer.

Firewise Cleanup Tasks

Clear leaves, pine needles and other debris from gutters, eaves, porches and decks. This prevents embers from igniting your home.

Compost this material in your backyard or drop off free at the Nederland Sort Yard. Recheck regularly.

Rake and Remove dead vegetation and pine needles from under your deck and within 5 feet of all structures.

Create a non-combustible “vegetation free” perimeter of 2’ – 5’ around all structures. Your home is especially vulnerable to ember ignition at the junction where your walls meet the ground and decks.
Remove flammable debris and any other flammable items (patio furniture, etc.) stored on or underneath decks or porches.

Put extra effort into moving winter firewood piles off of decks. Store them 30 ft. or more from all structures.

Screen or box-in areas below patios and decks with 1/8 inch wire mesh or solid nonflammable material to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating.

Don’t use nylon screening, as embers will burn right through it.

Move firewood piles, scrap lumber and other flammable debris at least 30 ft. from all structures, including garages and sheds. If it can catch fire, don’t let it touch your house, deck or porch.

Locate firewood and propane tanks at the same elevation as your house or higher. Haul your flammable junk off-site to the Firewise® Town Clean-up dumpsters.

Wildfire can spread to tree tops. Remove all conifer trees within 15’ – 30’ of your home, space trees beyond this 10’ apart, crown to crown. Prune so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet from the ground or 1/3 the height of the tree, whichever is less.

Vary the height of pruning to avoid a “popsicle forest” look. Haul logs and slash to Nederland Sort Yard or create a hugelkultur bed.

Mow grass and weeds to a height of 6 inches or less within 30 ft. of all structures.

Compost the clippings or take them to the Nederland Sort Yard.

2015 Nederland Firewise Town Clean-up Information

Date & Time: June 6th, 8:00 a.m. until dumpsters are full
Location: Boulder County Transportation Garage site, adjacent to the Waste Transfer Station (aka Green Boxes)
Cost for Trash Drop-off: $10 (Fee is new this year because trash disposal no longer funded by the County)
Open to Boulder County Residents (proof of residency required)
Material Accepted (this list is tentative; please confirm at the Town website before bringing material to the event):
Home furniture, scrap material, textiles, books
Scrap metal
Electronics (no fee!)
Material Accepted at Other Locations:
There will be no “Trash to Treasures” drop-off this year. Bring reusable household items: to the Mountain Forum for Peace Yard Sale (drop off June 1 – 4 only; check for guidelines)
Household trash: Boulder County Waste Transfer Station (adjacent to the clean-up site)
Recyclables (cardboard, plastics, paper, etc.): Boulder County Waste Transfer Station
Home Appliances including refrigerators: Boulder County Waste Transfer Station (Firewise® Clean-up day only)
Slash & logs: Boulder County Sort Yard
Pine needles, bark, weeds & grass clippings: Boulder County Sort Yard
Paint: Indian Peaks Ace Hardware plans to accept paint for recycling AFTER JULY 1st    

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