Business Short Takes : Peak Radiance

anne snowwaxing lady anna         Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. A new service has moved into the Columbine Family Wellness Center and this one is just in time for Valentine’s Day. How about a waxing or a facial for your honey?

Peak Radiance, a skincare studio, owned by Anna Shaw, a licensed esthetician, is now available to help rejuvenate the weathered, sun damaged faces of mountain dwellers, to remove annoying facial hair and to color and sculpt lackluster or runaway eyebrows.

Shaw grew up in San Diego, California but came to Colorado in 1997, just to be somewhere else. After studying studying graphic communications she became the art director of DNA Integer Group, and found herself moving up in the corporate world.

From 1997 to 2007 she also assisted her boyfriend, a hunter/jumper horse show photographer and accompanied him in his travels, including a stint in Australia. She managed the sales and the computer.

But she tired of being on the road and she and Todd moved to Rollinsville in 2007. She attended the Concentric Healing Institute in Boulder and earned her license in 2013.

Anna says, “I have always taken care of my skin. When you take care of the inside, it shows on the skin. I wanted to keep myself healthier and younger.”

For about a year, Anna worked out of her home, in a guest room converted to a treatment room. Last month, she made the move to the Columbine Wellness Center to be in town and be more available.

Her Wax in the Mountains services are for both men and women. The hair removal process is for people who have hair where they don’t want it and involves spreading warm wax on the offending area and pulling it off, taking the hair with it.

“Eyebrows and bikinis lines are the most popular service,” says Anna. But, she says, facial hair removal in menopausal women is a huge industry.” People whose body has been layered in long underwear and warm pants often want to get waxed before going on a vacation where they will walk around in a bikini. Some women wax their legs because they don’t want to wear stockings and they don’t like the hairy leg look.

Waxing is a repeat process. Clients come back every few weeks to remove hair. Another kind of regular clients are the people who want eyelash and eyebrow tinting, so they don’t have to wear mascara. “People are particular about the shape of their brows and having it the way they want it can change the shape of their whole face.”

Anna’s skin therapy facials are luxurious, quiet and relaxing. A gentle massage of the face, neck, shoulder and chest increases circulation. Exfoliation removes the top layers of skin and helps it turn over faster. A toner mask exfoliates with enzymes eating the dead skin scales and a resting mask then calms the skin down. The one hour process ends with serums and sunscreen.

Most of the damage caused by the sun happens before the age of 18, says Anna. Teens should be warned about the aging effects that glowing tan they try to maintain. She also says she is not a fan of chemical sunscreens and recommends a sun block made of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Chemicals absorb the rays of the sun while a physical block reflects the rays away from the skin. She says that studies have revealed that breast milk contains the chemicals found in the sun screen.

Laser and micro-needling treatments help the skin to regenerate, become smoother, and gain elasticity.

The skin care services that Anna offers are less expensive than the shops down the hill and the trip is far shorter. She charges $55 for a facial compared to most down below shop which charge from $65-$90.

She also offer $30 facials for teens with acne issues.

An hour or so to look one’s best and feel relaxed and rejuvenated is a perfect Valentine gift; a little pampering goes a long way.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.