Mountain Spirit Astrology : Perception

Karen Anderson. This week in the stars features the full moon for the current sign, Aquarius. During the full moon, the Sun in the sign of the water-bearer will be exactly opposite its zodiac partner, Leo. Lore would lead us to believe that our perceptions of the people around us are enhanced in the light of the luminous moon.

Also affecting our perceptions this week is Mercury, the symbol of the mind, reversing.  While the messenger could be delivering mail to the wrong addresses, he also, curiously, is in his favorite sign, Aquarius, known to come up with new solutions to everyday life issues.

Aries—Groups of people and organizations that you are involved with could find themselves facing problems this week. On the other hand, you could also help them to develop unique strategies that allow their structure to be perceived in a new and more efficacious manner.

Taurus—When the messenger of the stars reverses, which he is now doing, confusion in the areas of communication can take place. At work this week, you might think that co-workers are speaking different languages.  Remember, though, that a breakthrough could also occur.

Gemini—You are in the thick of it. Mercury, your ruler, the symbol of communication, is now moving backward. Given he likes Aquarius, the sign he is in, you have the ability to go back to a past situation, or behavior and re-evaluate it and move the situation forward cleverly.

Cancer—As the Moon Child, ruled by la luna, you are the connoisseur of each sign’s full moon. This week stars the Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo. You will find that you are better able to appreciate, understand, and allocate your resources, just in time for the taxman.

Leo—Happy full moon. Once in every year, the big luminous full moon in the heavens belongs to you. This one will allow you to perceive the other people around you in a clear way. While you may choose to make certain changes to your partnerships, don’t forget to dance in the moonlight.

Virgo—This week is lively – there is a full moon, your ruler is reversing, and a group of planets are nestled in Pisces.  Unpacking this means that energy is running high, emails are going to the wrong addresses, but somehow, despite all of this, you are calm, centered and spiritual.

Libra—The sea of compassion might be a location for you to visit during the next month. Your ruler, ocean-born Venus, has entered her favorite position, the sign of Pisces.  Venus now knows that we are all interrelated, and what we do for another, we in turn do for all of us.

Scorpio—Artistic sensibilities are running at a high level for Scorpio. Given that you are in a phase accentuating private time, you could revisit art projects that you have developed over the course of your life. You could appreciate all that you have done, and then add to the projects.

Sagittarius—Communication is cloudy for you this week. Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, is moving in reverse.  Perhaps you could decide to put your ideas into writing. Consolidate what you want to say to others, and then read it over, and then re-write it, and then speak your truth.

Capricorn—The sign that follows yours, clever Aquarius, assists you in moving your birthday plans forward. While this is generally efficacious, Mercury, the messenger, is now reversing, also in Aquarius. He is asking you to look into a long-standing challenge and address it.

Aquarius—The word on the street is that Aquarius is in for a good year. This is supported astrologically because Jupiter, the lucky planet, is in your opposite sign, Leo. This means that other people, business partners and sweethearts, will have your best interest in heart and mind.

Pisces—Earthly love and spiritual love merge for you in the month ahead. This is so rare. Neptune, your ruler, has been in Pisces for the first time in 144 years. Now Venus joins. This is a great month to experience gratitude for yourself – give you a gift from you, and thank yourself.

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