Nordic Panthers race at Vail

High School Nordic Mike AirolaaBarbara Lawlor, Vail. The Nederland High School Nordic ski team competed in a 3K Classic event at the Vail Nordic Center on Saturday, January 24. Both Panther teams came in at 10th place. The girls competed against 99 skiers of 12 teams. To qualify for State, one had to be in the top 45. Nederland’s Molly Madden was the one Panther to qualify at the Vail race.

Individual places and times:

  1. Molly Madden: 13:40.7
  2. Sophie Lindenberger: 13:52.6
  3. Hannah Isenhart: 14:17.4
  4. Mackenzie Radandt: 14:19.7
  5. Sarah Davidson: 14:28.4
  6. Maise Bryant: 15:06.8
  7. Kate Lawrence: 15:14.0
  8. Taylor Folwell: 17:36.3

The Vail 3K Men’s classic included 13 teams and 102 skiers. One had to be in the top 46 to qualify for state: James McNamara made it and Kiernan McClish edged into the qualifying place, coming in 46th.

Individual places and times:

  1. James McNamara: 10:33.5
  2. Kiernan McClish: 11:21.0
  3. Taylor Coons: 11:47.1
  4. Bryce Nichols: 12:44.3
  5. Duncan Hetzer: 12:47.2
  6. Tate Whitney: 13:13.8
  7. Shea Wood: 13:25.0
  8. Mike Airola: 13:29.0
  9. Graham Whitney: 13:33.1

The next Nordic meet will be held on Saturday, January 31, at the Cordillera Nordic Center in Edwards. It will be a Mass Classic.