Nederland October police reports

Nederland Police Department Chief Paul Carrill extends his thanks to the community for helping to make the Halloween Trick or Treat in and around town a safe and crime-free event. The Nederland Fire Protection District sent firefighters and equipment to put some light on the highway crossing lane and the NPD officers patrolled Old Town, making sure everyone was getting around okay and getting enough candy.

On Monday, November 10, around 4:30 p.m., the temperature dropped, ice formed on canyon roads and people got stuck and piled into each other. Chief Carrill says about 30 cars ended up in the canyon, either stuck or waiting for the others to get unstuck. Some people were in their vehicles for up to three hours. He advises residents to get good tires and to have food and water in their vehicle in case of being stranded, and warm clothing just in case.

On October 3, a Nederland officer was dispatched to a home on a report of a Protection Order Violation. A man said his wife was on the porch. When the officer arrived he found the woman waiting in her vehicle to pick up her son. The officer checked the modified order that said the woman could have contact by phone, email and may meet in public places. The husband said opening the door to her knock would have put him in violation. He said her being at the door was harassment. The officer decided that no crime was committed.

On October 10, a man came to the NPD saying he had been struck by a golf ball thrown by a man. The victim  and a witness were at their residence when the assault occurred. The suspect is the victim’s landlord. The victim said that the suspect was “very drunk” and attempted to start a fight while yelling obscenities and “getting in his face.” The landlord then picked up a golf ball and threw it, hitting the victim in the foot.

The suspect then took his shirt off, assumed a fighting stance, and swung. The victim came to the PD to report the incident. The officer contacted the suspect and served him with a Boulder County Court Summons for Harassment.

On October 10, the Town of Nederland Public Works reported a stolen jack hammer which had been stored inside a generator left outside of the building. The storage area of the generator was not secured. Replacing the jack hammer would cost $1,700. There are no leads or suspects.

On October 11, A Ned officer was dispatched to a local bar on a report of a medical call. When he arrived at the business, no one was aware of the situation. Outside, a man told the officer that he had called for help. While Nederland Fire Protection District medics checked the man out, he told the officer that there was a warrant in Boulder for his smoking marijuana in public. The warrant was confirmed and the man was taken into custody and transported to the Boulder County Jail. He had a ziplock bag of marijuana, which was locked in the evidence room for safekeeping.

On October 12, a Nederland officer was sent to an address on a report of a burglary. A woman told the officer that someone had stolen some of her marijuana plants which she grew for personal use. The plants were in a greenhouse 30 feet from the back door of the house. The door was pried open. Inside were three black pots, one of them empty, one of them with a thick stem broken off near the base and the other had a plant about four feet high with a branch broken off.

The woman’s boyfriend said they went to bed around 11:30 a.m. The woman said she saw a couple outside the dining room window and described them as white, in their 40s, tall. She said they seemed to be transients. At this point there are no leads.

On October 17, a woman reported that someone had broken into the house she was visiting. The window screen had been bowed in. The officer noted it did not look as if the someone had pulled the screen out. The resident in the house said nothing seemed to be missing but his parents’ bedroom looked as if someone had gone through his mother’s things. When he called his mother, she said there was nothing worth stealing. The officer told the resident to have his parents call when they came home.

On October 19, a Ned officer responded to a report of a Protection Order Violation. The landlord is the protected party. The landlord’s roommate said he has seen a certain vehicle drive by or park hear the house. He said that someone had broken into the work van and broken his and his roommate’s phone.

The officer noticed the door to the upstairs apartment had been damaged and was unlatched. He said both his and his roommate’s wallets were missing. The officer told them to make a list of all the incidents. The landlord said he believes the suspect is sneaking into the apartment at night and has claimed to be adept at picking locks and stealing car stereos. When the landlord and his roommate went into the apartment, they found items belonging to them piled in a corner. The case is still open.

On October 24, an officer noticed a vehicle traveling at over the speed limit and pulled the woman over for going 43 mph in a 25 mph zone. When he checked her driver’s license he found she had a warrant out of Denver for Failure to Appear. She was taken into custody and transported to the Boulder County Jail.

On October 25, a woman reported a theft at her house, saying a 55-gallon fish tank had been taken from the outside of her house and that she had been going to sell it at a garage sale for $50.

On October 25, a Ned officer was blocking traffic heading down the canyon because of a motorcycle accident. He was talking to drivers heading down, telling them to turn around, when he saw a vehicle approach him at a high rate of speed. It finally stopped 20 feet from his patrol car. He noticed the female driver was staring out the windshield “as if she were in a trance.” She did not acknowledge his presence, just stared forward. When asked where she was coming from, she slurred her words, said she had had one beer and no marijuana.

The woman could not find her driver’s license and told the officer to give her phone back so she could find her insurance. He told her he never had her phone. She continued to stare out the windshield. Once she found her phone she tried to type in the word Geico, but could not, doing it over and over again. She refused to do voluntary roadside maneuvers.

When she was asked to get out of her car, she refused, saying he could follow her home to Boulder. She finally got out and after losing her balance was placed in handcuffs and arrested on suspicion of DUI. She asked for a lawyer.

On October 27, around 3:30 a.m. an officer responded to a noise complaint about a large party and people playing loud music all night. The reporting party said she asked two times to turn the music down but the volume was turned up. A neighboring resident also complained about the noise. When the officer arrived, all the lights were on in the residence and vehicles were parked in from the house that was emitting a loud, rhythmic noise of music and yelling. It was a dense, residential neighborhood and a school day. The officer entered the house and asked to speak to the owner. A woman yelled they were “just having a party,” stood up and almost fell over.

About a dozen people were in the living room. The officer told them the party was over. Everyone left except for two people, who denied they were renters, but then admitted it, saying another police officer said they could have a party. She told the officer that parties were a normal thing in Nederland and she wasn’t doing anything wrong. The woman at first refused to give any identification, but she gave in, yelling at the officer that he was violating their rights. The officer issued an ordinance violation summons.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.