Saturn in Scorpio

The Sun journeys through the zodiac in one year; stern Saturn in 29 years. The schoolmaster of the stars takes each sign into the school house for two and a half years. During this juncture, the denizens of that group are able to clear issues in their lives and learn life lessons.
Saturn began instructing Scorpio about the balance of love and control in October, 2012. The lord of the rings conducts final exams and then departs on Christmas of this year. The teacher of the stars has also been enjoining all of the signs to be more fiscally responsible during his stay with the scorpions.

Aries—Every planet has a different flavor in the realm of astrology. Stern Saturn, the Victorian schoolmaster,  has been in Scorpio for over two years, admonishing enthusiastic Aries in regards to spontaneous spending. He has been demanding that you structure a monthly budget.

Taurus—Saturn, the planet of restriction, has been in your opposite sign of partnerships for over two years. The teaching planet has been suggesting that you review the boundaries in all of your relationships. In taking responsibility for your safety, he teaches, freedom is to be found.

Gemini—Discipline is the key word for the planet Saturn, in contrast to spontaneity, one of your favorite concepts. Over the past several years, the lord of the rings has been teaching you about structure in your work world, and you are now receiving the benefits of the narrow way.

Cancer—The master in the art studio, Saturn, has been allowing you to develop your creative ideas more fully over the past two years. Through discipline and practice, he states, you are better able to express your artistic potential. Your art is benefiting from this structure.

Leo—The disciplinarian of the heavens, strict Saturn, has been instructing you in the balance of time spent between your home and your career over the past two years. The lord of the rings is also the master of timing; you are learning the art of perfect timing in various areas of life.

Virgo—Virgo, an adherent of disciplined behavior, appreciates the suggestions given by the schoolmaster of the stars. Saturn has been instrumental in allowing you to take your ideas and apply them to your daily life and then bring them to fruition over the past several years.

Libra—Although there may have been junctures over the past two years when you have bristled at certain financial restrictions that Saturn, the stern planet of the heavens, has placed upon you, you are pleased with the overall results you have achieved. Simply stated, you have more money.

Scorpio—Saturn, stern Saturn, has been your companion in the stars, starting in October of 2014, levying the themes of discipline, personal health, and the difference between love and control upon you. He leaves your sign at Christmas, hands you a diploma, and departs, unmourned.

Sagittarius—Sagittarius is preparing to finish the year at hand and to start your birthday cycle on November the 22nd. On Christmas day you also begin a two and a half year cycle with the planetary disciplinarian, Saturn. Until then, it is suggested that you tie up loose ends in your life.

Capricorn—Saturn, the planet being discussed in this column, is your ruler, or planetary guide. Thus, you are no stranger to discipline, or hard work. On Christmas the lord of the rings changes his lesson plan from Scorpionic balance of finances to Sagittarian acquisition of knowledge.

Aquarius—Saturn was long considered your ruling planet until visionary Uranus was discovered in the 19th century. Therefore, you appreciate the discipline this planet invokes. Over the past two years, under his direction, you have been working on implementing your visions in career.

Pisces—Intuitive Neptune and healing Chiron, both in your sign, are your current starry guides. Saturn, the teacher, has been in Scorpio for two years, allowing you to expand your spiritual mind. On Christmas, the lord of the rings journeys into Sagittarius, the sign of knowledge.

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