Panthers beat Warriors, 56-12

FB GAME good 20Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. It was the first time that the Panthers have played with a running clock‚ on their side.

On Saturday, Oct. 11, the Nederland Panthers hosted the Longmont Christian Warriors. It was Nederland’s Homecoming Game and team spirit overflowed as the home boys took the field. The Warriors had a 0-5 record and the Panthers were optimistic after the previous week’s win. They went into the game with a 3-3 record and came out of it on the win side, 4-3.

It was a great way to celebrate former footballs players and other alumni that showed up to see how the hometown was doing.

In Ned’s first possession, Quinn Kuechenmeister caught a pass and hit the end zone. Jaron Dillon ran ball in for a two-point conversion and the Panthers were up 8-0 in the first minute.

The Warriors struggled to move the ball but were caught in their own end zone for a safety and Ned was 10-0.

Ben Jurisich snagged the kickoff and carried the ball to a first and goal position. Jaron Dillon ran a the ball in for a touchdown and conversion and the Panthers score was 18-0.

Longmont worked its way to a third and goal position when Jaylan Rasdall intercepted the ball and began a long drive toward their goal. They made it to the Warrior 10-yard line when Longmont intercepted the ball and hightailed it to the Panther end zone and put six points on the board.

Just after the second quarter began, Nederland was knocking on the Warrior goal line and Austin O’Melia carried the ball in for a touchdown. Jake Abendroth caught the conversion pass and the score was 26-6. The fun was just beginning.

Quarterback Jaylan Rasdall grabbed the snap and ran the ball into the end zone, 32-6. Then Jack Abendroth took his turn at scoring, 38-6. Noah Ridnell trekked into the end zone, 44-6 and before the end of the second quarter, Ike Thibideau caught a pass and added his name to the touchdown list, 50-6.

When the teams came back it was a running clock. When there is a 40-point difference, the clock is allowed to run to, showing mercy to the losing team.

After the half, the Panthers were able to recover an onside kick. Ian Dunham fell on the ball. The Panthers were forced to punt however and the Warriors made a stand, using a bit of momentum to score and holding Nederland to no points in the third quarter.

Panther secondary players took to the field and had a chance to prove themselves in the fourth quarter when they pushed to the goal, ending the game at 56-12.

Senior Ike Thibedeau said, “We had a little trouble getting started but then we broke loose. It was the best executed game we have ever played. The line came up with the blocks, we ran hard and it was a great game all around.”

Game state:
Rushing: Ridnell, 9 carries for 114 yards; Jaron Dillon, 7 carries for 73 yards; Austin O’Melia, 10 carries for 85 yards, Jaylan Rasdall, 5 carries for 57 yards; Kellen Sequeira, 5 carries for 26 yards; Tucker Carr, 2 carries for 26 yards, Ken Shankey, 4 carries for 9 yards.
Passing: Kellen Sequeira, 8 completions of 12 attempts for 136 yards.
Receiving: Quin Kuechenmeister, 2 catches for 39 yards; Ike Thibedeau 1 catch for 43 yards; Jake Abendroth, 1 catch for 32 yards; Jaron Dillon, 1 catch for 14 yards, Noah Ridnell, 1 catch for 6 yards and Bob Allen, 1 catch for 2 yards.
Tackles: Noah Ridnell, 4; Jaron Dillon, 4;
Ike Thibedeau, 3; Miles Pancoast, 1 and 1 sack; Ben Jurisich, 5, Trig Campbell, 6; Kenny Shankey,  2; Keyghan Otten, 6; Jaylan Rasdall, 3; Hunter Chilcote, 2 and 1 sack.
Jaylan Rasdall had an interception
Quinn Kuechenmeister had a 70-yard punt return which was called back
Noah Ridnell made a tackle in the end zone to force a Longmont Safety.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.