Timberline Fire Protection District adds two new stations

timberline engineer Barbara Lawlor, Rollinsville.     Gleaming red in the sunshine, two of Timberline Fire Protection District’s new engines hung out at the entrance to Station Number 9, a proud symbol of the Gilpin County fire district’s progress in the last few years.

Firefighters Jim Crawford, Jerry Johnson, Chip Smith, Rob Savoye, Dennis Whalen, Aaron Skeen and Eric Hartman welcomed visitors as they gathered at the new station at 135 Tolland Road outside of Rollinsville for the grand opening ceremony. They were eager to answer questions and invite folks to become volunteers with the department.

Crawford said that at least 20 percent of Timberline’s calls come from the greater Rollinsville area and having a station there will increase protection of all areas in the district.

gail and jerry

Tender T-59 will be housed at Station 9. At the moment, the County keeps some of its equipment there. There will also be ATVs, which are needed to cover the search and rescue calls that take place on a regular basis up Rollins Pass and Mammoth Gulch Road.

Firefighters Emmit Hoyl, Rob Savoy, and Tod Barron will make up the Station 9 team. All stations will be part of Timberline’s Summer/Fall Recruiting Campaign.

“We are growing and changing by leaps and bounds,” says Crawford.

There are 55 names on TFPD roster and Crawford says there should probably be about 120 members, given the size of the district. It is a time for Timberline to move forward, to recruit and train new members to fill its nine stations and man its new fleet of engines and tenders.