Reward yourself by volunteering

There are many opportunities available to those who open themselves to volunteering time for different causes and events. Putting even a little of your energy each day toward giving or helping others can open your eyes and your world to rewarding experiences.

Living a fast-paced lifestyle like most working people can be taxing to the point of thinking there is no extra time or energy to possibly do anything else. Talking to your employer about volunteering may open more doors in your career path and can add some extra punch to a résumé.


The volunteer position you decide on can be an event that you may otherwise not be able to attend due to finances—such as a music festival or a big sporting event. Most music festivals have a website and a link to apply as a volunteer, with guidelines and requirements listed. Some of Colorado’s big festivals, such as Telluride Bluegrass and RockyGrass have volunteers that return every year. Once you become part of a team in a multi-day event, there is a bond that can develop with other volunteers.


Retirement homes, animal shelters, littered roadsides in your neighborhood, are all places with opportunities needing people with a little time to spare. Helping your community by volunteering as a firefighter, tutoring children, helping at the food bank or reaching out to help an elderly neighbor are ways to make a difference close to home.

What is your passion? Can it help someone in need? Make a list of ideas and then look into the possibilities. The sky is the limit.

Rewards can come in many ways after giving your time to help others. It can come in the form of a smile, a new friend, or a rescued dog wagging its tail. The biggest reward will come from inside of yourself, when you know you have helped to make something good happen.