Proposal in right field

heidi lacossepete morganBarbara Lawlor, Gilpin County.     One never knows what will happen when a batter clobbers the ball in between right and center field in a co-ed softball team. A week ago Monday, July 21, the Rollinsville Rockies were up to bat and the Mean Machine was out in the field, when one of the Rockies hit the ball into right field. It was a well-aimed, deliberate hit, with the desired result.

Heidi LaCosse, right field, kept her eyes on the ball as she drifted toward the center. Pete Morgan had his eyes on Heidi as he left his place at center field and headed into her territory. There was going to be a collision. Everyone was thrilled.

Pete and Heidi went down into the dirt together, rolled around for awhile, and when the dust settled Pete pulled out a ring and asked Heidi to marry him, in front of the fans, the umps, and all the players. It was a first in the Gilpin County Co-ed Softball League and the spectators applauded them and whistled, softball style. Heidi was surprised and shocked but said yes. The Rockies beat the Mean Machine, but no one noticed.

It was two years ago when Pete and Heidi first met as they collided at first base and it was a fitting way to propose, given their habit of bumping into each other.

The League is its final week of the season and although there are some makeup games taking place, the Rockies are on the top, with the Acers right behind them. The finish rankings will determine seeding in this weekend’s Tonya Putnam Memorial Tournament and the chance to claim the trophy. Eight games will be played on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m.; and seven games will begin on Sunday, beginning at 9 a.m.; with the championship game played at 4 p.m.

The standings as of Thursday, July 24
R. Rockies         12    2    .857    W1
Acers                  10    2    .833    W2
The Champs       9    3    .750    W2
Players                 8    5    .615    L1
Mean Machine   4    8    .333    W2
B&F Market        4    10    .286    L3
Blue Sox               3    10    .231    L4
First St. P&G       1    11    .083    L11