Mountain Spirit Astrology : Supermoon and Shooting Stars

Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak.

Saturday hosts the brightest Supermoon of the year, with the Sun in social Leo and the Moon in friendly Aquarius. Gather friends and loved ones and devise your own moon madness with get-togethers and dancing. This full moon coincides with the perigee, or the closest point that the moon comes to the earth in its orbit this year.

Shooting stars abound with the legendary Perseids occuring between the 10th and the 13th. They are the best summertime meteor shower in the Northern hemisphere. We know that these gleams of light are bits of dust from a comet, but they appear as stars and fireballs. They begin in the constellation Perseus, the hero who beheaded snaky haired Medusa. Because of the full moon, the best watching is between midnight and dawn.

Aries—Super week ahead for the super sign of Aries under the light of the Supermoon. You’ll feel like Superman or Superwoman, now that your ruling planet is in Scorpio, his favorite sign. Gather a large group of friends and loved ones and party and dance under the magnificent moon.

Taurus—Your home could just be the super-site for Supermoon parties this coming weekend. On Saturday the full moon is the closest she will come to the earth this year. You’re already known as a super host, so celebrate the heart of the summer with the Sun in the happy sign of Leo.

Gemini—Gemini has the opportunity to attend two parties in two parts of town simultaneously, celebrating the twin events of the week, the Supermoon and Shooting Stars. These two events coincide, so you’ll need a time-traveling device to be in two places at once, twins of the stars.

Cancer—Supermoon Children! You rise up from being known in many astrology columns as the Moon Child to being called the Supermoon Child. The Moon, your guide in the heavens, is creating her closest illuminated full moon of the year on Saturday, so prepare to dance.

Leo—The royal sign of the heavens, Leo, presents regal entertainment this week. Your annual full moon on Saturday is the year’s most spectacular Supermoon. Then you provide, for the amusement of the denizens of your castle, the best meteor show of the summer, the Perseids.

Virgo—The sign that precedes yours, royal Leo, has decided to top Cancer’s fireworks displays with this week’s dramatic Supermoon and Shooting Star event. Before you know it, your birthday will be celebrated, so start to bring certain projects to their conclusion this month.

Libra—You’re already happy about Mars leaving you in peace after a six-month visit, but as a social sign that likes to host summer events, you are even happier about viewing the Supermoon with friends, and dancing under the meteors. Enjoy the heart of summer before it ends.

Scorpio—Moons and stars and Mars all at once provide fine summer entertainment for the sign of the Scorpion. Your ruler, Mars, is now in his favorite sign, providing you with outstanding stamina and sports prowess. Take this new-found strength and dance under the Supermoon.

Sagittarius—The Orange Lion is your ally. Jupiter, the big planet, is your ruler and he has just entered Leo for a year of fun. Jupiter is standing next to the Sun, also in Leo, for this week’s Supermoon, the power full moon of the year. Count your blessings and your party invitations.

Capricorn—Starstruck is the key word for the practical sign of Capricorn this week. You’ll have the moon and the stars in your eyes right now. This is the brief, glorious heart of the summer in the Rockies, so dance atop the wildflowers and at sunny festivals in mountain meadows.

Aquarius—Moonstruck is the key word for the inventive sign of Aquarius this week. The famous Supermoon on Saturday is your annual full moon. With Jupiter in your opposite sign of partnership, you have one year of luck in partnership, so find the perfect person and dance.

Pisces—The oceanic sign of Pisces likes a good full moon and the stars are providing a fine one this week. Saturday features the brightest Supermoon of the year, followed closely by the best summertime meteor display, the Perseids. Go out into the mystic and into the night magic.

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