Meet the Press : Pam North

Twenty-four years ago, I came from Austin, Texas to Colorado, fulfilling a dream I had had most of my life to return there. Denver was the first home I remembered as a little girl, and despite subsequent moves to Wyoming, New York, New Mexico, and Texas, the Rocky Mountains always have remained in my soul and called me back. I knew just how Heidi felt when she had to leave her mountains.

My years in Texas saw me become college graduate, wife, mother, divorcee, property tax appraiser, and wildlife rehabilitator. Before I left Austin, my son was grown, and I had started a wildlife rehabilitation group called Wildlife Rescue, Inc., an organization that has grown to handle over 5,000 mammal and bird rescues annually. This legacy is one of the things of which I am most proud, as I believe we all should leave something good behind us.

After moving to Colorado, I was Chief Appraiser for the Gilpin County Assessor’s Office for eleven years, also serving for ten years on the Gilpin County Planning Commission. I then became a free-lance writer.  I had written for other newspapers before covering local meetings and writing feature stories for the Mountain-Ear, which lately has directed my efforts to focus on a weekly history column. I relish researching topics for articles. I also write for four national and international topic-specific magazines on a regular basis, and sometimes I pretend that I can write decent poetry.

In addition to writing, I also occupy myself with various forms of art, sculpture, and photography, and have been lucky enough to win some occasional recognition in these endeavors, some of which were: a weird painting that brought me an art scholarship; my whimsical plush bears with sculptured caricature faces; and the logo design for the Gilpin County flag.

I have enjoyed my life so far. I have done some unexpected and fun things, like learning to fly an airplane and racing cars. I have met many wonderful people where I have lived and traveled, all of whom have taught me something. There are still many things I am looking forward to experiencing, and many new truths I hope to learn.

Life is joyous, and a sense of humor is an essential. I am a very upbeat person who enjoys dwelling in the mountains, where wildlife and beautiful scenery is around every corner. I feel blessed in many ways.