Meet the Press : John Clower

John at alstock 2John was born in Philadelphia in the mid-20th century, though he moved to the Fort Worth, Texas suburbs as a young boy. He earned a B.B.A. in Accounting at UT Arlington, and worked as an accountant until he discovered the joys of computer programming and changed careers.

He made the fateful move to Denver in 1995 and the even more fateful one to Gilpin County in 2001. A year later, he married Lynn Hirshman, the Mountain-Ear editor, on the stage on their property.

John’s newspaper experience prior to becoming the Circulation Manager of the Mountain-Ear consisted of a couple of paper routes as a kid, and managing distribution for Fort Worth and Denton for Hookah, Dallas’ underground paper, in the early 70s. He began work distributing the Mountain-Ear in 2010, and became Circulation Manager in July, 2013.

John has traveled extensively throughout North America, and has been to 49 of the 50 states. He’s still waiting for the bridge to Hawai’i. About 25,000 of those uncounted miles were on his thumb, with about the same mileage on trains. The rest were in his car.

A fan of road trips, John’s favorites here in Colorado are Highways 141/145 on the Western Slope, and Hwy 14 through Poudre Canyon. Along the way, he’s seen most of our National Parks; his favorite is Zion, in Utah.

In his life, John has experienced an earthquake, seen four different comets, seen icebergs, seen a tornado, experienced a couple of hurricanes, and surfed (albeit in three-foot waves off of Galveston). The only thing missing from his wish list is witnessing an active volcano – there’s where that missing bridge comes in!

He’s accumulated music since his teens – which you would know if you’ve met him; if you get to know him, you will probably get a mix CD he will make just for you. He now shares music as a volunteer DJ on KYGT (“the Goat”) in Idaho Springs. You can hear his eclectic mixes streaming on

Having retired three times, he’s busier than ever, listening to music, developing spreadsheets and databases, and playing with his cats, Yetu and Lalena.