Distant Star Astrology : Orange Lion

Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak. The gigantic orange/red planet Jupiter visits each sign in the zodiac for one year. The big planet is the astrological symbol for luck. On July 16th, Jupiter left Cancer and moved into Leo for one year of good fortune. Traditionally, this is the time for the lions of the stars to expand their influence in the jungle.
Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius, a fire sign like Leo. In the year ahead, Sadge will have great opportunities for travel and expansion of knowledge. Leo the lion prepares to roar. The sign opposite Leo, Aquarius, has a year that highlights romance. Single water-bearers can meet a life-mate, and those in relationships will have fun.


Aries—This is a fine time to be an Aries. Jupiter, the lucky big planet, has just entered your fellow fire sign, Leo. Romance and creativity are highlighted for you this summer. And your ruling planet, Mars, has left the doldrums and entered his favorite sign, great for sports.


Taurus—The Sun is in the sign of the royalty of the stars, Leo, right next to the big orange planet, Jupiter, accenting your mountain castle. August is an ideal month for you to finish all of your castle decorating projects and invite house guests to your court. Enjoy the summer sun.


Gemini—The Sun is in Leo and now Jupiter has joined this sign for a year. Your ruler, the quicksilver messenger Mercury, has decided to join the leonine party as well. What this means for you is that your ability to speak, write and communicate are reaching all time highs.


Cancer—Venus, the artful hostess, is in your sign during social August. Leo is promoting family activities with children and family members. Jupiter has entered Leo, giving you new financial opportunities in the year ahead and the luck that you have been looking for in money matters.


Leo—The lion roars! Not only is this your astrological time to rule the stars, but lucky Jupiter is now with you for a year. The big guy spends one year in each sign and it’s your turn. During a Jupiter year, you can expand your life – in career, romance, purchases, and personal strength.


Virgo—The big astrological news this week is that the planet Jupiter has changed signs, which only happens once a year. Now that the lucky planet is in Leo, you will find that you have a sort of celestial protection. Jupiter is riding shotgun for your covered wagon in the year ahead.


Libra—The gift that you will now receive is the ability to see into your future and chart the course that you would like to take. Jupiter has entered the sign of Leo for a year and you will be able to see for miles and miles. You will see where you have been and where you want to go.


Scorpio—You are one of the fixed, or determined, signs of the zodiac. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are now in Leo, another fixed sign. The Sun and Mercury will change signs, but Jupiter will be enlivening your career world for a year. This is the year to make progress in your career.


Sagittarius—Your guide in the celestial journey is Jupiter, a planet who spends an entire year in one sign. It is therefore significant for you when he changes signs. He has just moved into Leo, a fire sign like you, promising a fine year ahead for you, with travel, ideas, and education featured.


Capricorn—The mountain goats are leaping from one high peak to another now that Jupiter, the lucky planet, has changed signs. Jupiter is now in Leo for a year, and this will bring you luck in financial matters. Leap up the Matterhorn, and plan investments and money strategies.


Aquarius—Big astrological news for Leo and their opposite sign, Aquarius. Jupiter symbolizes luck in the stars and he spends one year in each sign. He has just entered Leo, expanding their personas, and bringing you fortune in the realm of romance. Prepare for fun and dancing.


Pisces—The lions are roaring with pleasure in August. Not only are they presiding over the jousts and banquets at the castle, but they are greeting Leo, who has entered their sign for a year. This brings you fortune in regards to mentoring. You will meet guides and become one as well.

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