Timberline Fire Opens New Station – Open House August 13th

The Timberline Fire Protection District is proud to announce the opening of its newest station, on Smith Hill Road at Highway 46. This is the second new station that Timberline Fire has opened this year.

The opening of this station brings much needed improved coverage for the areas of Golden Gate Estates, Smith Hill Road, Robinson Hill Road, Highway 46, Golden Gate State Park, and surrounding areas. The station will house one of the new engines that Timberline Fire recently purchased. An Initial Response Vehicle is also planned for that station.

To celebrate, we will be holding an Open House on Wednesday, August 13, from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. at the new station. There will be a cookout, and refreshments. The regular monthly board meeting will be held starting at 7:00 at the station; the public is invited to attend.

Please stop by for some food and conversation, and help us celebrate this occasion. The station is located on the corner of Highway 46 and Smith Hill Road. The driveway is on Smith Hill Road.

Call for volunteers. As we open new stations, we need new volunteers to help staff them, along with staffing our existing stations. As we are a volunteer organization, we need the community’s support to provide quality emergency services to the residents of the district and to our mutual aid partners. Stop by the Open House for more information.

We will also be hosting a Volunteer Recruitment Open House at our Station 3 at 660 Highway 46 (next to the Gilpin County Justice Center) on Thursday, August 21, at 7:00 p.m. We will be starting this event with a cookout, too.

On July 1, Timberline Fire opened a new station in Rollinsville.That station is co-located in the Gilpin County Public Works Building on Tolland Road. We would like to extend our thanks to the Gilpin County Commissioners and to Gilpin County Public Works for making this happen.

For additional information, contact Jenifer Hinderman, Timberline Fire Business Manager at 303-582-5768; or by email at jhinderman@timberlinefire.com.

As a reminder to help us help you, please be safe. Check your smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year. Smoke detectors only last 10 years. If you have an older detector, consider replacing it with one that has a 10-year battery (lifetime). Also, make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector.

[Guest Editorial by Jennifer Hinderman]