Nederland Police Reports for June

On June 14, a Nederland Police Department officer noticed a tent near the children’s pond in Chipeta Park. When he contacted a man and his girlfriend he said he was sorry, but they hadn’t known where they could camp. They said they had received tickets for camping in Boulder. The officer issued the man a summons and gave them directions to West Magnolia where camping is legal.

On June 14, a Boulder County Sheriff’s deputy was sent to investigate a vehicle, just outside Nederland, that had a felony warrant attached to it. The Nederland officer on duty was sent as backup and found two females changing a flat tire. One of them admitted she was the person with a felony warrant out on her. The Ned officer activated his Taser Body Cam to record the encounter.
The officer had the suspect sit on the front bumper of the police vehicle. A BCS officer arrived and took custody of the woman.

On June 19, a NPD officer was dispatched to investigate a cold burglary. The officer and a BCS deputy went to the home of the victim where they found a door with a broken window. The stolen items include various coins, currency from around the world valued at $1000, a digital camera, personal letters, a Mexican coin and a black stone.
The officers discovered a path that led to Barker Reservoir and thought the suspect used it to go to Barker Road. At this time, there are no leads or suspects.

On June 26, a NPD officer responded to the Nederland Community Library on a report of a male throwing a rock through a window. The rock was about the size of a volleyball. The witness said she heard glass shattering coming toward the library and saw a white male, wearing light colored pants, a ball cap, and a light colored long sleeve shirt.
The officer searched the area and contacted a male, asking him if he knew anything about the rock. The man said “No.” He was at a Kiss concert in Denver. When the officer checked the man’s identity, he was found to have a misdemeanor warrant for Failure to Comply. The man was taken into custody and transported to the Boulder County Jail. There was not enough evidence to charge him with attempted burglary.

On June 27, an officer responded to a report of a vicious dog. The female resident said a black and brown dog came in her driveway where she was sitting with her grandson and her companion dog. The at-large dog ran at her dog and jumped on top of him. She pulled the dog off her dog and he ran away, but she feared future encounters when her grandson was outside.

When the officer went to the at-large dog’s house, the dog was in the driveway and barked aggressively at the officer. The owner came out to see what the problem was. The officer went to the other dog’s house, where the female said she didn’t want to press charges…this time.

On June 28, a citizen reported that a dog, a shepherd mix, was locked in a vehicle with no water. She said she was a vet tech and believed the dog was in distress and might die. The dog was lying in the front passenger seat of of the vehicle, in the sun.

The officer contacted an animal control officer, told her the temperature was in the 60s and the vehicle was in the sun. The dog was panting heavily and had been there at least 20 minutes while the officer waited for the owner to appear. The animal control officer said under the circumstances she would remove the animal from the vehicle and issue a summons.

The NPD officer unlocked the rear passenger door but the dog wouldn’t go to the back seat, so he unlocked the front passenger door and took the dog from the vehicle for his safety. There was no contact information, so the officer left a note on the windshield.

Around 5 p.m., the owner, a Denver resident, came to the NPD and said he was having dinner and was checking the dog every 20 minutes.


The officer explained their concern for the dog and the owner asked what the state law was. The man said he understood and was issued a written warning.