Man rescued on Arapahoe Peak


2014 NFPD Neva ankle rescueBarbara Lawlor, Peak to Peak.     On Sunday, July 13, the NFPD, RMR, and the Boulder County Fire Crew were called to rescue a man who broke his ankle when he slipped on ice at the edge of a snow field between Arapahoe and Neva Ridge.
He was with a group of eight people walking across the snowslope when the angle became steep and he slipped, splintering his ankle. Using evacuation equipment, the rescuers were able to transport the man to a landing zone and get him onto the helicopter before a thick fog covered the area.



One of the chopper paramedics had to be left behind to accommodate the weight.into chopper

NFPD chief Rick Dirr says, “It worked out well. If we had to ground transport the patient, it would have been a big deal to get him down. We are fortunate the weather held. The rescuers all worked well together.”

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.

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