Flawed Process

nederland town hall

During the last meeting of The Nederland Board of Trustees, the Board took up an informational item and an action item that took a couple of hours to discuss. Both were remanded back to the Nederland process whereby other boards and committees can study the issues.
The informational item, a request to review peddler and solicitor licenses for the city, was supposed to be only for the information of the Board, but it turned into an open discussion with five city residents and business owners weighing in. The action item, consideration of a special event application on town-owned property for a Buds (marijuana), Burgers and Beers (craft) event, should not have been brought to the Board without sufficient review previously.
While it’s wonderful to allow a public forum and open discussion on the issues at the Board of Trustees meeting, one has to wonder at this process in comparison to other local government bodies. Most other towns and counties in the area reverse the process.
Special event requests and requests for code modifications are carefully studied by staff members in other city and county governments. Those staff members then bring a recommendation to the government entity for approval or approval with conditions.
What’s happened in Nederland? After the recent Board meeting, one might suspect that staff is not in place or competent to help local residents meet the requirements for basic events and code modifications and then to pass those on through the boards and committees before presenting them to the Nederland Board of Trustees.
Wasn’t that written down as a process somewhere? If it would happen that way, the public would have more say with the Planning Commission, the Sustainability Advisory Committee, Parks, Recreational and Open Space Advisory Board and whatever other board or committee might be in charge.
Help us all to save time. Pass measures through the staff and the advisory board process before putting them on the agenda for the Nederland Board of Trustees. They have enough to do.