Coffee, conversation with Commissioner candidate



Teri Metallo, Black Hawk. It was a cozy afternoon in at Black Hawk’s Mountain Mocha Cafe as Gilpin County residents gathered to enjoy candid conversation with Linda Isenhart as she kicks off her campaign for Gilpin County Commissioner. Casual and relaxed was the order of the day and there were conversations between neighbors as people stopped in.

Tourists who stopped in to get refreshed were treated by Isenhart as she informed anyone who walked in the door that their drink was on the house. A look of surprise would be followed by a smile and a thank you.
The group discussed many topics. One area was the use of empty buildings in the county and cities for entertainment and events so that residents have more options for non-casino activities close to home. Creating more non-casino jobs for youth was also discussed, especially during the summer months. Also touched on were wildfire mitigation and getting all residents on board and better prepared, as well as preparing for worst-case emergencies as a community.

Isenhart also spoke about helping families during crisis situations so that all get the help needed in extreme instances, and looked at how the county can help small businesses within Gilpin succeed.

Isenhart was very attentive to everyone in attendance and listened to ideas and concerns about Gilpin County. It was a great chance for voters to get a candid look at a woman who has served the public in our county for many years in one form or another.