Adler for Gilpin Sheriff

adlerDear Editor,

My name is Jake Adler and I would like to announce I have entered the 2014 race for Sheriff of Gilpin County, as your WRITE IN candidate.

I offer many years of law enforcement training, leadership, and dedication to the profession. My experience includes holding ranks in various local and other states’ Sheriff’s Offices and municipalities of Patrolman/Deputy, Sergeant, Chief of Police, and various specialized detail.

I have built my career on the emphasis and philosophy of core community policing and working in partnership with the community to solve problems, not simply address them.  I am a graduate of the FBI/LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association)  command, IACP Executive training (International Association of Chiefs of Police) and hold POST and multiple certifications as well. I feel a Sheriff’s Office or candidate should not be solely focused on political affiliations or personal beliefs, but with unbiased belief and respect to serve all of its citizens under the rights granted by the Constitution of the United States, laws set forth by the State of Colorado, and county ordinances.

I am a multi-generational Gilpin County resident with a family who not only enjoys, but looks to protect the amazing beauty and benefit our county provides. I feel that often times, the line between law enforcement and citizens can become confusing, unexplained, or blurred.

Law enforcement today is complex and ever changing; we need to stay focused on the current issues and needs of everyone.  I feel it is absolutely crucial to strive for and maintain an open positive working relationship with all citizens and visitors alike.

I will ensure open lines of communication with the community. Input on what you, the citizens of Gilpin County, expect, is invaluable.  I am not running to make empty promises, but to bring fresh new perspective and tactics to old problems and to provide positive resolution of new issues. This will ensure the safety and security for our families into the future.

I look to integrate more community involvement programs and provide a level of service to our residents that is cutting edge and professional.  I will do this while maintaining the “hometown” feel, respect, and comfort we deserve and expect of our Sheriff’s Office.

I look forward to meeting with everyone I can and hope to win your WRITE IN vote, JAKE ADLER for Gilpin County Sheriff.

Thank you,
Jake Adler, Gilpin County