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Larry Greico

 Larry Greico, Gilpin County


Here’s a new twist on an old genre. When a massacre takes place on Star Island, and twelve of the most powerful people in the world are murdered, investigator Lila Day of the Miami Police Department is unable to crack the case and loses her job over it.
Three years later, Lila is approached by reclusive billionaire Teddy Hawkins, and he hires her to revisit the investigation, only this time he proposes sending her back in time, before the crime, to “solve the case before it happens.” Her aim is not to prevent the murders, so as not to alter the future, but to discover the murderer. All in all a great idea, except that she starts to care too much about the people who are destined to die.
In The Rich and the Dead, Liv Spector makes an impressive debut. Writer Wendy Corsi Staub: “Time travel, glitz…surely the most inventive whodunit of the year.”
Erika Robuck is back with a novel about the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. In Fallen Beauty, set in the 1920s in upstate New York, the paths of unwed seamstress Laura Kelley and the renowned poet Millay cross over the creation of new costumes for the poet’s next grand tour. They have a complex relationship that leads to an uneasy friendship “amid growing local condemnation,” while each woman needs to “confront what it means to be a fallen woman.”
Robuck is a master storyteller and combines that with intensive historical research, so the Millay we meet in this novel is true to the Bohemian lifestyle she enjoyed in real life.
Writer Allison Richman: “[She] brings the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay to life in all her beauty and insatiability. This is an electrifying read, one that crackles with passion on every page. The book reads like poetry.”
Judith Mackrell has written an amazingly appealing book about six of the most fascinating women of the “roaring twenties.” In Flappers: Six Women of a Dangerous Generation, Mackrell has written biographical sketches of Josephine Baker, Tallulah Bankhead, Diana Cooper, Nancy Cunard, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Tamara de Lempicka.
Mackrell “renders these women with all the color that marked their lives and their era. Both sensuous and sympathetic, her admiring biography lays bare the private lives of her heroines, filling in the bold contours.  These women came from vastly different backgrounds, but all ended up passing through Paris, the mecca of the avant-garde.”
Writer Daniel Okrent: “Judith Mackrell can tell a story—and she has some very provocative stories to tell. The myths that for the past century have surrounded the six legendary women at the center of Flappers are nothing at all compared to the reality revealed in this fascinating book.”
The library’s 2014 Artist-in-Residence, Emily Cook, continues her series of workshops on Saturday, June 14, at 10:00 a.m., with the second session on Drawing. In the following weeks she will teach water color painting and finally the creation of self-made books and journals.
You do not have to have any particular skill or talent to begin with, nor would it be held against you if you did.  Emily has taught all ages and all levels of skill, from beginners to advanced students. A complete schedule of workshops, most of which will take place on Saturday mornings (but a few are afternoon sessions), is available at the library, and on the library’s website,  This is destined to be a really fun summer for everyone.
No discussion about summer at the library can leave out the Summer Reading Program for kids. This year’s theme is Rock Out With a Good Book!
As in the past, all the kids need to do is register by filling out a simple form. Then, read, read, read! Every week you turn in a slip with at least one book read, you get to pick out your own prize from the library’s display case.  This goes on all summer, nine weeks in all.
The first week begins Tuesday, June 10, and everything comes to a conclusion on Saturday, Aug. 9, with the traditional delicious ice cream party, and with lots of grand prize drawings. Registration is open all summer, so come on board any time you want.