Talent on Ned’s red carpet

on the run

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland

Once a year, the curtain goes up for the final look at the actors and musicians and singers that perform all year for their school and their community. Most of the time their performances are free, but their shows are high quality.

On Friday, May 16, these Nederland Middle Senior High School students’ hard work was rewarded with pins, letters, certificates, induction into the Thespian Society; and for the actors, Ned mini Oscars. They also won a standing ovation from the crowd…and flowers.

happy terah

Music/Theater Director Liz Evans thanked the parents for their support and recognized outstanding volunteers: Seniors Morgan Noel, Sarina Perret, Zoey Payne-Grauch, Tyler Pelkey, Sam Churches, Terah Hochhauser, Lilian Haffey and Luke Harrison presented the flowers to their parents for going beyond the norm in believing in their kids and in the music/theater program.

NAMM award

Evans explained that NMSHS was a Grammy Signature School Semi-Finalist for the 11th time, standing alone on the pedestal of winners throughout the country. A banner was presented to the school for the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Foundation Support Music Merit Award, which was awarded to schools that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students. Nederland was one of 94 schools selected in the US, and the only one from Colorado. No wonder Evans is proud of her students.

Sixth grade band awards: Hardest Working, Ainsley Norman; Most Spirit, Lars Luscher; Most Improved, Fiona Eggleston, Most Valuable, Cody Martin.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra: Hardest Working, Helen Cross and Alex Cuervorst; Most Improved, William Hackett; Most Valuable, Brekken Billman, Most Valuable, Cora Worthington.

High School Orchestra: Most Valuable Player, William McNamara; Most Improved, Lucy Blickensderfer; Most Improved, Hailey Perryman; Hardest Worker, Grace Blickensderfer; Hardest Worker, Faith Stanton; Spirit Award, Sarie Lund; Spirit Award, Marley Hall; Most Enthusiastic, Garret Cuervorst and Scout Edmondson.

Middle level/High School Band Awards: Most Dedicated, Maeve Anderson; Hardest Worker, Petra Schmidtmann, Most Improved, Adler Mueller and Cody Barton; Most Inspirational, Zoey Payne-Grauch.

Middle Level/High School Choir: Most Dedicated, Mattie Blickensderfer and William Culver; Hardest Worker, Eve Colton, Ellie Brewer, Izzy Roszell and Avy Henrikson; Most Improved, Elle Scott; Most Inspirational, Cheyenne Gerhardus, Hayley Turner and Hattie Bakke.

The Loquations: Most Dedicated, Tyler Pelkey and Luke Harrison; Hardest Worker, Elizabeth Beraman-Gonzalez and Kalina Culver; Most Improved, Katie Jewell and Lilian Haffey; Most Inspirational, Ben Rubio, Terah Hochhauser.

High School Orchestra: Most Dedicated, Morgan Noel and Layton Kasch; Hardest Worker, Mackenzie Radandt and Ripley Duke; Most Improved, Emily Rumor, Keyghan Otten; Most Inspirational, James McNamara and Sarina Perret.

The Top of the Nation Band: Courtney Anderson , Grace Rhines, Maeve Anderson and Zoey Payne-Grauch.

Outstanding Musician Awards: 6th Grade, Ellie Brewer and Jamie Lammers; 7th Grade, Damon Vigil and Sasha Godsil; 8th Grade, Emily Albright and Hayley Turner; 9th Grade, Mariah Ingram, and Brieanna Sineni; 10th Grade, Maeve Anderson and Natasha Kinczel; 11th Grade, Kalina Culver and Mackenzie Radandt; 12th Grade, Luke Harrison, Sam Churches, and Zoey Payner-Grauch.

john phillips sousha

The John Phillip Sousa Award went to Zoey Payne-Grauch.


The School Choir Award went to Luke Harrison and Tyler Pelkey.

The School Orchestra Award went to Morgan Noel and Sarina Perret.

Each year the Theater Department performs one-act plays in the fall and a musical in the spring. Before these awards were presented, Dawn Baumhover presented the David Baumhover Scholarship Award that is given to a senior who is dedicated to pursuing his performing talent. “This award is for an actor who is emotionally involved with his part; an actor who brings out his emotions on the stage.” This year’s recipient, the eighth student to receive the scholarship, was Luke Harrison. The check was for $804.

The four one-act plays were “The Art of Rejection,” “Puberty: The Game Show,” “The Great Pandemonium,” and “Rest in Peace.” As presenters opened the envelope, the audience supplied the drum roll.

Best Supporting Actor in the fall one-act plays was Rhode Hessner. The Best Supporting Actress in the fall one-act plays was Elizabeth Berumen-Gonzalez. The Best Actor was Zoey Payne-Grauch. All of the nominees were females playing guy roles. The Best Actress was Anna Scott.

This year’s spring musical was actually two one-acts: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Honk Junior.

The Tech Award was presented by director Josh Lake and the winners were Savannah Pugmire, Anne Cox, Adler Mueller, Michael Wood and Lukas LaRhode.

The Dance Award was presented by Ki Goodman and Kristen Zychlinski; the winner was Emily Albright.

The Ready, Willing and Able Oscar was presented by Ki Goodman; the winners were Cheyenne Gerhardus and Emily Rumer.

The Teachable and Adapting Oscar was presented by Kristen Zychlinski; the winner was Tobiah Nagle.

Oh What A Character Oscar was presented by Josh Lake; it went to Jake Aguilar.

The Best Ensemble Award went to The I Love Ensemble: Ben Rubio, Tobiah Nagle and Emily Curcio.

The Best Supporting Actor Oscar went to Luke Harrison.

The Best Supporting Actress Oscar went to Emily Curcio.

The Best Actress Oscar went to Tyler Pelkey.

best actor

The Best Actor Oscar went to Tyler Pelkey.