Take time to thank them

It is National Police Week.

Most of us think of our law enforcement officers and hope they don’t catch us speeding, walking our dogs off leash or crossing outside the Nedestrian crosswalk. We call them if someone takes something from us or vandalizes our vehicle.

What about the rest of the time?

Do we thank them for their vigilance in making our town safe? For putting their lives on the line? For suffering the emotional and mental anguish that the job is heir to?

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls is Police Week. Tens of thousands of law enforcement officers converge on Washington, D.C., to honor those officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. In recent years, Nederland has lost two of their officers and this week will be especially hard for those who continue to carry the torch, to keep us safe, to help those in trouble.

We have a new Town Marshal and four full-time and one part-time officer at the moment. Lois Ott, the department administrator, the front person, will retire at the end of this month and changes will take place.

Our law enforcement officers are heading into the summer issues: transients camping in the forest, abandoned campfires, theft, alcohol- and drug-related violence. They will be responding to fallen climber accidents, motorcycle accidents, drownings, lost hiker searches, and late night concerts.

This summer will bring another element: the first summer of legal retail marijuana and all the issues that surround that new phenomenon.

How about giving our Nederland, Gilpin County, and Boulder County officers something to smile about? How about telling them they are appreciated and respected for their compassion and professionalism?

A smile? A thumbs-up? A Dove chocolate bar?

Knowing you support them and all they do might just bring some sunshine into their life.

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