NHS athletes, coaches move on

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland

The Nederland High School Spring Sports Banquet was held Monday, May 19, to honor the track and field and soccer athletes. As the students and their parents and coaches consumed a barbecue dinner and chatted with each other, emotions see-sawed from joy to nostalgic sadness as the seniors said good bye to their high school playing fields.

Athletic Director Jack Taylor thanked the NMSHS Booster Club for their Frito pies, their support of the student athletes and their dedication to the school sports program. Taylor acknowledged the poignancy of the moment and said he would be leaving early because he too wanted to attend his five-year-old son’s commencement from kindergarten.

Along with awards for sports achievement, the students are recognized for their academic efforts. The Colorado High School Sports Association rewards excellence in the classroom as well as on the court or the field.

Students earning an Honorable Mention with a 3.2 GPA or better are: Jenn Mahon and Angie Ritt. First team All State students, with a 3.8 or better are: Bailey Kuechenmeister, Hope Rippy, Anika Ramey, Kayla Prince, Sarina Perret, Chelsea Kessler-Bauersfield, Ally Jewell, Kalina Culver, Elizabeth Beruman-Gonzalez, Mackenzie Radandt, Rosemary Pineau, James McNamara, and Taylor Coons.

Students who participated in three sports were: Jake Aguilar, Mackenzie Radandt, Sophia Lindenberger, TJ Bolt, Kiernan McLish, James McNamara, Gillian Nasty, Amanda Cook, and Kalina Culver.

Bailey Kuechenmeister was the only five-sport award recipient. She also took the second place title in the 3200 meter run at State competition in Jefferson County last weekend. Bailey was named the CHSSA Active Scholar last month.

Soccer Coach Troy Tewalt announced that he is leaving Nederland and would no longer be coaching soccer. The boys had nine seniors that will move on in the world and there weren’t enough players to sign up for next year, so there will be no boys’ soccer team in the fall.

The majority of the male athletes have opted to join the football team in the fall, eager to once again compete in eight man football. After a no-win season, the team looks forward to playing in a league that is closer in size and ability than the previous league.

Coach Tewalt handed out the soccer awards. Noah Thatcher and Luke Harrison were named to the All-Conference Team and Sam Churches was Honorable Mention. The Most Valuable Player Award went to goalkeeper Kalina Culver; the Panther Award went to Natalie Waddell; the Most Improved Award went to Chelsea Kessler-Bauersfield; the Most Inspirational player was Anika Ramey; the Playmaker was Rosie Pineau; and the Woman of the Year was Sarina Perret.

The Offensive Player of the Year was Alex Cuervorst and the Defensive Player of the Year was Amanda Cook. The Spirit Award goes to the person with a positive attitude who supports the team; the winner was Shelly Cuervorst.

Dave Femmer, head coach of the NHS Track and Field team handed out awards to his athletes. The Most Valuable Players are: Bailey Kuechenmeister and Mike Airola. The Panther Award went to Maeve Anderson and Taylor Coons. The Most Improved award went to Quin Kuechenmeister and Mackenzie Radandt, and the James Taylor Award went to Ripley Duke and James McNamara

A special certificate was given to adult volunteers Mike Hermann and Tom Bolt.

After the presentation of the special awards, the two teams separated and the coaches spoke to the parents about how the year went and offered praises to kids who joined the team and worked hard to make NMSHS a place where everyone has a chance to be a winner.