Nederland April Police Reports

On April 4, around midnight, the Nederland Marshal’s Office received a report of a possible identity theft at a local business. The call came from a Gilpin County deputy. The victim said she paid for a room in Nederland on March 31 with her credit card with some people she met at a bar. Knowing she had too much to drink she decided to stay overnight.

On April 4, she noticed that she had more charges on her credit card than for the room. The Ned officer checked with business and found that the woman had been charged $250 for smoking in a non-smoking room. The $250 is for the cleanup. The woman was informed of the extra charges. There was no crime committed.

On April 5, a property damage report was filed when an employee backed his car into another employee’s car in the parking lot. The victim filled out a traffic accident report and his paperwork revealed he had a warrant out of Missouri for his arrest with full extradition for possession of marijuana and a bond of $2,000. The defendant was not allowed to post bond for out of state court.

The man was arrested. He and the officer told his boss and roommate the situation and the man gave his roommate the keys to his car. The suspect was transported to Boulder County Jail.

On April 10, Boulder County dispatch informed the Ned Marshal’s Office of a domestic disturbance. BC deputies responded to the call which sounded as if it had become physical. When the officer arrived, he could hear yelling between a man and woman.

When the officer talked to the male, he said they were arguing about the house being a mess. He said he didn’t touch the woman. The woman told the officer interviewing her that the man choked her and threw her down on the floor causing her to strike her head and back and she said she felt pain. There were visible fingermarks on her neck and red marks on her back. She refused medical attention and became upset when the man was taken into custody. She was told she had done the right thing.

A victim’s advocate showed up to talk to the woman. The suspect said the woman must have choked herself. He was booked into the BC Jail for Third Degree Assault, Domestic Violence and a Failure to Appear warrant out of Weld County

On April 13, a woman reported that the locks had been changed on an entry door and someone had taken her Samsung tablet and moved her wallet from one location to another. The woman had been in the middle of an eviction process.

The tablet was a Galaxy 7 with a broken glass front. The woman’s wallet was dumped out and two zero balance prepaid debit cards were taken. After investigating, the officer determined there was no evidence that a burglary had occurred.

On April 18, a woman stated she was the owner of a website devoted to the investigation of crop circles. She has noticed that DVD sales of the investigations have dramatically decreased since January of 2012. In December of 2013 she received letters from people who said they were unable to purchase her DVDs and were directed to another site. A webmaster determined her website had been hacked and her sales had been redirected to another site.

The woman was able to determine the source of the hacking and documented two IP addresses from a possible suspect. The report was forwarded to the BC Sheriff’s Department.

On April 22, a man reported that a friend of his was going through a rough time, that his wife had left him and taken the children and that he got drunk every night and was out of control, getting into fights. He talked about finding and killing his wife. The reporting person was told to call the officer if there was any additional information.

On April 22, shortly after noon, a Ned officer was dispatched to a reported DUI crash. When he arrived three women were standing at the edge of the road, a mother and two daughters. One of the daughters had called the marshal’s office after learning her sister had been involved in the accident. She said her sister was driving their mother’s car and couldn’t be contacted. She found the car in the shopping center parking lot, three blocks from their house. Her sister appeared to be high on something and was not able to drive. She drove the car back to the house. When the mother and sister arrived, the woman said her sister was driving and the car had been in an accident. She said her sister abuses prescription drugs.

There was damage to the right front bumper, the right front mirror and the tire had wood shavings between the rim and tire. The mother said they were in an accident but didn’t know where. A Field Sobriety Test indicated she was impaired. A PBT test resulted in .000. The woman was taken into custody on suspicion of DUID, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.

A Drug Recognition Expert said the suspect was under the influence of one or more CNS depressants resulting in the inability to safely operate a motor vehicle. She made a suicidal statement after being taken into custody. The sister said the drugs were purchased from the internet, possibly from India with the family business credit card. The suspect was charged with unlawful possession of a Schedule 4 controlled substance and driving under the influence of drugs.

On April 23, a woman entered the police department to report someone stole a business deposit of $753 from her purse and she thought the suspect was still in the shop. The marshal and an officer went to the shop where the manager showed them where she left her jacket and purse. There was a camera pointed in that direction.

The manager said she had list of supplies and deposit inside a Mutual of Omaha bank bag, left in on a chair under her jacket for a minute and when she returned, the money was gone. When the officers watched the surveillance video they saw a white male with a shaved head, 5’8″-5’11”, 170 pounds, black sunglasses, blue pants and a lightweight teal colored jacket, enter the shop, steal the money and leave. He was in the shop no longer than 30 seconds. The theft is under investigation.

On April 25, a Ned officer noticed a green minivan in the shopping center parking lot with trash around it. The vehicle had a Washington license plate. The windows were fogged and the officer noticed someone sleeping under a blanket.

Two men and a female emerged when the officer knocked on the window. They said they had slept overnight because they were tired from driving and didn’t know the area. They said they were sorry for the trash and began cleaning it up. Their driver’s information came up clear, with no warrants. The officer issued all of them a summons for illegal camping within town limits and gave them directions back to Boulder.