Gilpin women attacked by moose

Cherokee Blake, Gilpin County

On Sunday, May 18, at approximately 11:47 a.m., the Gilpin County dispatch center received a 911 call regarding a moose attacking two female Gilpin County residents. The incident occurred near the Forest Hills subdivision when the two women were hiking with their dogs. Both female parties were transported to Saint Anthony Hospital with unknown injuries.

The Colorado Department of Wildlife has said that due to the fast growing moose population throughout Colorado, they have had more interactions/incidents with moose. According to D.O.W.’s experience, shooting moose with less-lethal shotgun rounds – i.e. bean bags, rubber buckshot, or rubber batons – IS NOT EFFECTIVE. Their multiple involvements with aggressive moose when shot with these types of rounds have caused the moose to become more aggressive and attack the person who shot it.

D.O.W. quick tips:

• If you encounter a moose in the wild, walk away from it – DO NOT walk towards it

• Moose do not like dogs

• If you are walking with dogs in the woods, they should be on leash. If you see a moose, control the dogs and walk away from the moose with the dogs.

[The women, Jacquie Boron and Ellen Marie Divis, are both as of Monday still in St. Anthony Hospital, Divis in fair condition in intensive care. –Ed.]