Baseball returns to Gilpin

plutting him out

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County

This year the Gilpin High School baseball players, 11 of them, were part of the Clear Creek team, a combined effort in league play. But that will change next spring, when the Eagles will play as the Eagles, not the Golddiggers.

Baseball returns to Gilpin County.

Nederland High School also had two players with the Golddiggers and both local schools are hoping to gain more players to practice and compete on the Gilpin home field.

This season’s ended on May 10th, when Clear Creek lost to Cedaredge, giving them a 10-9 overall record and a 6-4 conference record. The Golddiggers were one of 32 teams to compete for state competition.

Lineup of Gilpin/Nederland players on the Clear Creek team include: Eryk Lorenz, Dalton Dziedzic, Bjorn Tomlinson, John Lovett, Morgan Foelsch, Chase Boulter, Nick Peterson and John Gonzalez. Nederland players are Bob Allen and Chris Clemmer.

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