NDDA Reviews Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant

NDDA Reviews Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant

written by Pam North: Nederland    –

The Nederland Downtown District Authority (NDDA) convened on Tuesday evening,
February 19, 2014, at the Community Center. Board members present were: Jeffrey Green, Katrina Harms,  Amanda Kneer, and Susan Schneider, with Pat Everson attending by remote device. Karina Luscher and Chris Perret were absent. The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Jeffrey Greene at 6:32 p.m., in the physical absence of Chairman Pat Everson.

Consent Agenda:Minutes from the regular meeting on February 19 were unanimously approved with a minor correction, and also the current warrants.

Informational Items:
Town Administrator’s Report on Items from the Board of Trustees Affecting the NDDA     
District: Alisha Reis reported that repairs were scheduled for the damage incurred to town sewer lines during recent flooding. Implementing the repairs will entail shutting off water to areas in the Fist Street and Stinky Gulch areas, and in some locations along the highway, causing some of those areas to be without water for up to 8 hours; 48-hour notification will be given before the shutoffs. Reis also mentioned that the NedWeb program will be implemented again for 2014. NedWEB (Nederland Winter Economic Boost), was a 2013 pilot project utilizing Boulder County Economic Development Grant funds to create a more sustainable local economy, encouraging consumers to get in the habit of shopping locally, and revving up commerce during the cold weather slump. Sustained, more even, year-’round activity that would gain momentum and beneficially shape consumer behavior is the focus. Each month, from April through May, and October through November, 2014, the first 80 presenters each month visiting Town Hall with $100 worth of receipts from Nederland businesses or service providers on the Nederland “Good Neighbor Business” list, will receive a voucher worth $15 that may be redeemed like cash at any participating local retailer whose establishment displays the NedWEB sticker, The voucher then is redeemed at Town Hall by the business for the $15, plus an additional $1 handling fee. The program thus encourages a customer to shop twice. The Town has been encouraged by Boulder County to fund the program itself next year so that Boulder County grant money may be used for another project.
NedPed Report ¨C Conor Merrigan, Project Manager and Alisha Reis, Town Administrator  Conor Merrigan was unavailable by phone to answer questions, and Alisha Reis was absent, so the update was not given.

Action Items:
Consideration of Approval to Appoint Renee McCauley as NDDA Secretary: Renee McCauley had been interviewed by Katrina Harms and Larina Luscher as the appointed hiring committee. The Board approved McCauley’s appointment as the Board’s new secretary.
Letter of Intent Concerning Reappointment: Pat Everson had submitted a letter saying that she would not be seeking reappointment to the NDDA Board. Board members were encouraged to solicit possible candidates to fill Everson’s coming vacancy.
Approval of the Charge Ahead Colorado Grant Application, with $2,500 in Additional Funding from Reserve Funds: Town Intern AlexanderArmani-Munn, who is working on preparing the grant application, reported on aspects of the electric vehicle charging station project. The grant application deadline is May 1, 2014, and the application first must be approved by the NDDA, and then by the BOT (Board of Trustees). The Town is the owner of the Visitors Center property, and therefore must be the applicant. Alex had stated at last month’s NDDA meeting that the application has to address how the project achieves two or more of specified goals in order to qualify for the grant. The nine goals (and level of priority) are: 1) incentivize the diversification from petroleum-operated vehicles in area public fleets by funding vehicle and infrastructure costs (high); 2) promote the transformation of the region’s transportation system by incentivizing the development of geographically dispersed EVSE charging infrastructure (high); 3) reduce harmful air pollutants (medium); 4) reduce greenhouse gas emissions (medium); 5) promote energy security by reducing petroleum usage and implementing cleaner, reliable alternative transportation (medium); 6) encourage technological innovation (low); 7) gather data on EV usage (high); 8) advance fleet sustainability (medium); and 9) promote greening government initiatives (low). Alex had talked to Public Works Director, Jason Morrison, and the double hose pedestal unit was thought to be the most effective choice. The grant will pay 80% of the total cost (up to $6,250 per unit), and there would be a 1-year warranty. The back side of the Visitors Center parking lot, beside the river, was possibly a good location, but other viable locations are being researched, as the Visitors Center parking lot is full in the summer, and a charging station would take up to four parking places. The Board had agreed to limit the grant to one charger that would accommodate two vehicles. An additional $2,500 from the reserve fund was needed for the Charge Ahead grant application, and the Board approved that amount.
Setting Date and Agenda for Board Workshop for Short-Term Planning and Review of Long-Term Goals: Pat Everson noted the importance of setting NDDA goals to mesh with those of the BOT. It was decided that May 7, 2014, 5:30 p.m. would be the date for the workshop. There will be another NDDA meeting before the workshop, allowing the opportunity for the workshop agenda items to be determined.
Discussion Items:
Continuation of Adopt A Planter Program: Pat Everson confirmed that she had received  a report on that topic from Karina Luscher.
First Fridays, Business Participation: It was agreed that    the NDDA should spearhead the promotion of Nederland business development, and that First Friday events should be open to the entire business district. A structured process to enhance that effort was discussed, including web page advertising and the possibility of music.
Other Business: There was no other business.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.
    The next regular NDDA meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2014, 6:30 p.m., at the Nederland Community Center (Multi-Purpose Room), 750 Highway 72, Nederland, CO.