Eagle athletes awarded honors

Barbara Lawlor, Gilpin County

It was a season of wins for the Gilpin County Eagles’ basketball teams. The sports awards banquets are always bittersweet, as senior athletes recognize that this is the last time they will stand with their peers before their parents and other students and teachers and receive accolades for the hard work they have done for the sport they have participated in.

It is a moment of pride and gratitude. Last Wednesday, coaches Paul Hanson and Jeff Schuessler handed out awards to students who played basketball, who skied with Clear Creek and who wrestled.

Girls’ basketball coach and Gilpin High School athletic director Schuessler was named the 5280 Coach of the Year. The girls were league champions and made it to the district playoffs after an outstanding year on the court.

Seniors Grace Diekman and Andromeda Ramsey passed the torch to their teammates who will return next year and to the eighth graders who will join the team.

Coach Shuessler says, “Although it will be a very different team next year, I look forward to it. We have a good core returning and I feel like some our freshmen girls will be ready by next season to contribute at the varsity level and we have a good group of eighth graders moving up.”

5280 League All-Academic Awards: Alyssa Chareunsouk, Grace Diekman, Delainey Lelpro, Andromeda Ramsey and Stephanie Siegrist.

All-State Academic Awards: Andromeda Ramsey, Grace Diekman, Stephanie Siegrist, Delainey Lepro and Alyssa Chareunsouk.

All-State Academic Team, first team: Elinora Einarsdottie and Andromeda Ramsey; honorable mention: Delainey Lepro.

Denver Post All-State Honorable Mention: Andromeda Ramsey.

Ramsey won the Touching Hearts Through Athletics Award, which is given to athletes of outstanding ability, integrity and character. Only 18 were awarded this year, from Colorado to North Dakota to Indiana. Two of the 18 went to college players.

Varsity letters were awarded to Grace Diekman, Andromeda Ramsey, Stephanie Siegrist, Kim Wulf-Balosch, Elinora Einarsdottir, Alyssa Chareunsouk, Delainey Lepro, Kristine Barr, Jada Gohdes, Rachel Schmalz, Berkley Davis and Annabel Diekman.

Girls’ team special awards: Berkley Davis, junior varsity MVP; Kim Wulf-Balosch, Most Improved Player; Jada Gohdes, Eagle Attitude Award; Elinora Einarsdottie, Offensive Player of the Year; Andromeda Ramsey, Defensive Player of the Year; Stephanie Siegrist, Coaches’ Award.

Coach Paul Hanson handed out the boys’ basketball team awards. He also presented a special award to George Snyder who was a Gilpin basketball coach in the early 1960s. In recent years Snyder has scouted teams provided the boys team with his experienced insightful reports. “We appreciate his efforts to help the program and are hoping that he will continue to do so in upcoming seasons,” said Hanson.

This year the varsity won seven games and the junior varsity won five games, demonstrating courage, toughness and perseverance. The boys won two games in overtime, demonstrating their ability to play great basketball in pressure situations,” says coach Hanson.

5280 All-Academic: Morgan Foelsch, Chase Boulder and Andrew Immordino.

All-State Academic: Andrew Immordino, Honorable Mention, Morgan Foelsch, first team.

5280 Honorable Mention: Chase Boulter and Tyler Eldridge. Coach Hanson praised all of the players and handed out special awards. Freshman Matthew Immordino received the Defensive Player of the Year for his ability to shut down opposing players; Sophomore Jon Gonzalez was named the Most Improved Player; Tyler Eldridge was the Offensive Player of the Year, averaging 12 points a game; Chase Boulter averaged 13 rebounds a game winning the Chairman of the Board Award for leading rebounder and was selected for the Eagle Award for Best Attitude; Dalton Dziedzic was presented the War Eagle Award for his toughness and hustle. Morgan Foelsch won the Outstanding Senior Award.
Graduating seniors are Andrew Immordino and Morgan Foelsch and there are a bunch of outstanding athletes arriving for next year’s basketball season.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.