Celebrate Somewhere Else

Celebrate Somewhere Else

written by, Barbara Lawlor:Nederland –

About a year ago Carousel of Happiness creator Scott Harrison and his artist colleague George Blevins decided that the Carousel of Happiness was well-established, up and running, and a popular destination for guests from all over the world. It was now time to conjure up something new. They came up with Somewhere Else.
The structural concept of the carousel was based on a dodecahedron, a 12-sided structure. When Harrison and Blevins discovered that Pythagoras, the famed mathematician, believed that irrational numbers could be found within a dodecahedron, they were convinced that irrationality was indeed within the Carousel.
Or maybe it was magic. Either way, the two men figured that one portion of the wall might just be a portal to “Somewhere Else.”
Since then, they have designed and carved a whole tribe of beings—animals, humans, and birds—that have found a way in and out of the portal.
On Saturday, Kierra Summers of Gilpin County looked at the wall and said, “Daddy, that dog is coming out of the wall.” And she moved closer to see if she could see beyond the dog. Then her sister McKenna noticed a woman’s leg disappearing into the portal and a large white polar bear holding up a small brown bear to reach the arms of a black grizzly bear. McKenna breathed out loudly, in awe of the ideas that seemed to be represented by the wall.
Seated on the steps leading into the wall is the “Chimpanzee of Our Troubles,” who invites people to sit next to him, promising to take away their problems. The dog, Oberon, is on the top step, passing into Somewhere Else but turning around as if to ask, “Are you coming?”
A small penguin disappears into the wall, and above her a mallard duck flies out of the wall into the carousel house.
The giraffe, lured by the light from the outside, stretches its lengthy neck to watch people watching the carousel. As visitors check out the wall, you can almost see them wanting to look behind it to see what else is there.
The wall had been covered with a drape since its inception, and was just unveiled recently. To celebrate this latest addition to the wonder and beauty of the carousel, the public is invited for free rides this Sunday, April 6, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
It will be a time to ponder the magic of the carousel and the mystery of the Somewhere Else Wall, and to wonder if Pythagoras’ irrationality theory has found a way to insert itself into Nederland’s biggest roadside attraction.

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.

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