4/10 Police Reports

4/10 police reports

In the past month, the Nederland Police Department received a bunch of reports of neighbors harassing neighbors, resulting in vandalism and verbal altercations. There was also a reported kidnapping and a complaint about dogs using other people’s property as a bathroom. The incidents were resolved peacefully.
On March 10, a resident came to the Nederland Police Department to report that someone vandalized his vehicle. He said he saw a neighbor near the vehicle with a crow bar in his had. The officer photographed the damage, a scratch about 3/4 of an inch, deep enough to expose fresh metal. The vehicle, except for the scratch, was unmarked. Damage was estimated at about $600.  Previous incidents have been reported including harassment and threats between the two men.  The police reports states that officers have responded to the suspect’s home at least 20 times in the last year on complaints of him yelling, cursing and feuding with other neighbors. The man says he feels that people are stalking him and out to get his property. On March 10, officers told the suspect to leave his neighbors alone and served him a summons for Criminal Mischief.

On March 14, a man came into the police department to report a harassment, saying another man called him “an a‚Ķhole.” A week later, the man accused of the name calling came into the PD to say he called the other man “an a..hole,” because he bumped into him at a bar.

On March 14, a Ned officer received a report of a kidnapping in progress. The caller said the incident occurred across the street from his house, that he was a girl being placed into a laundry bag and put into the back of a Subaru. The officer drove around and did not see the Subaru. He then went to the residence of the reported kidnapping. The residents said her children were all accounted for. Other residents also reported that no one was missing. The officers went to check with the person who called who said the vehicle left the home across the street. When the officer talked to the resident again, he said the same man had reported that a child was locked up in their closet last summer. The officers decided the reporting party was not making sense and was not a credible source of information.  After checking the area the officers found a Subaru at Chipeta Park and when they pulled up, a woman and a girl left a parked truck and asked if the car needed to be move. She said the Subaru was her ex-husband’s car and they were doing a child exchange. The officers decided nothing was amiss and their encounter was coincidental to the reported kidnapping.

On March 22, a woman contacted the police department saying she wanted to file a harassment report stating a man she met through a probation program in Boulder would not leave her alone. He came to her house on March 19 around midnight and stood on her front door step. She did not answer the door. On March 21, she received a phone message around 11:30 p.m. saying he wanted to see how she was doing. She asked the police officer to call the man and tell him to not contact her anymore. When the officer contacted the man, he became upset and hung up. The officer found the man’s booking photo on file with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. At this time the event was documented as an incident report.

On March 23, a Nederland resident who has complained about dog feces at the apartment complex where she lives for the past three years, asked the police department to give the offenders a summons. According to Nederland Town Code, it is the pet owner and the property owner’s responsibility to keep the property clean. The officer explained that it was not possible to issue a summons without evidence as to who the animal’s owner is. He told her a photograph would be proof. The woman took the officer’s advice and tried to capture the a picture of the suspects, who, in turn reported the woman for harassment. When the officer spoke to the people, the owner of the dog agreed to pick up after her dog. No summons was issued for code violation or harassment and a report was emailed to the property manager.