Retro Day brings back past

Retro Day brings back past –  written by Barbara Lawlor
It is an annual event that is relished among Eldora Mountain Resort guests for enabling them to jump into 60s and 70s ski garb and gyrate to a disco tune.
Eldora Retro Day was held last Saturday, March 15, a grey, snowy, unusual weather day for the event. No beach bikinis dancing on the snowdrifts this year. Wait a minute. Here comes a bikini and another and the kids are rolling in the snow, steam rising from their red, shiny bodies as their skin is scraped by ice crystals. They are loving it.
Dominic, Sophia and Olivia de St. Simon have been here before. They knew that a hot tub would be bubbling, catching snowflakes, melting cold from their faces so they brought along their swim suits and had a unique EMR winter experience, letting the steamy water embrace them until they were hot enough to enjoy the cold snow they rolled in.
That was just one of the events. There was also the obstacle course race that gave folks a chance to show the public how clumsy they could be while dressed in the garish colors and tightness of an era long gone by.
The dance contest is a favorite competition. Participants wiggle and slide with the disco beat, in the Eye of the Tiger, as judges eliminate the less than creative dancers.
On Saturday, three couples were left and were judged by crowd approval. In third place were Jayne and Jeff Nielsen from Chicago, who said they came to ski but they heard that people were dancing and if people are dancing, they are there. There glittery jackets and stylish moves earned them a prize to take back to the midWest.
In second place were EMR employees Mike Crapsey and Ellie Orszulak, both from the rental department, who were flamboyant in dress and dance style. Mike managed to keep from becoming entangled in his climbing rope, but barely as he fell and leaped.
Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Park joined the action and pretended to arrest Mike after he won his second place prize.
First place went to Kyle McKell and Kade Whitmill of Longmont who wore matching baseball hats, neon t-shirts and did their worm moves in the snow. They thanked their dad for their knowledge of retro-ness.
With large flakes pelting the area, the party moved to the base lodge bar the Recovery Act brought in the tunes. Lead singer Lindsay French of Denver showed off her ’70s outfit, saying, “But this is what I always wear. I love this event because I fit right in.”
As styles change, retro begins to do a full circle, and there will be a time when the old stuff is actually the new stuff, masquerading as old stuff.
It’s all in good fun.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.