The Geniac of the Zodiac

MountainSpiritAstrologyLogoThe dawning of the sign of Aquarius introduces the geniac sign of the stars. Aquarius encompasses all of the knowledge that society holds about any subject. This sign is then able to contribute unique additions to the subject. Hence the sign is known as the inventor of the zodiac. Mercury, the messenger, joins the sun, providing clever solutions.

The new moon in Aquarius, with the sun and moon merging together, occurs on Thursday, allowing all of the signs to experience the art of developing innovative solutions. Thinking outside of the box is one of the hallmarks of the water-bearer. Ocean-borne Venus, who had been reversing, is now moving forward, bestowing greater clarity in relationships.

Aries—The geniac of the zodiac, the sign of Aquarius, is ready to allow you to leap forward with new, innovative solutions to your life. Thursday’s new moon and Venus finally moving forward will bring in a fresh perspective for you in regards to partnership dilemmas that you have faced recently.

Taurus—Lovely Venus, your ruling planet, who has become very practical in the sign of Capricorn, is finally moving forward again. She had started reversing on December 22nd. You will start to notice clarity in the major areas of love and money in your life as you move into the month of February.

Gemini—The dawning of the sign of Aquarius provides a breath of fresh air for you, as you are both air signs. The new moon on Thursday allows you to access the geniac qualities of the brainiac of the zodiac, Aquarius. You will develop greater skills in innovative thinking that will serve you well.

Cancer—Complications start to become uncomplicated. The new moon in Aquarius joins the sun and moon in the heavens, the yin and yang, the two parts of any relationship. And Venus, the penultimate astrological symbol of partnership, has returned from her detour. Go out for dinner and dancing.

Leo—The genius of the zodiac, Aquarius, your opposite sign of partnership, is starring in an annual new moon on Thursday. You are the large-hearted lion of the stars, so this is a fine week to make fresh inroads in the world of romance. Why not invite a certain someone to head to the slopes with you.

Virgo—When challenges arise, a Virgo told me, they simply lower their head and work harder. This week you will have the opportunity to both work harder and work smarter, with the new moon in innovative Aquarius shining on all of your endeavors. This cycle brings the results you want.

Libra– The guide for relationship-oriented Libra is, of course, the romantic girl of the stars, Venus. The ocean-borne goddess has been on a retreat since December 22nd, when she started detouring. Now she is moving in the direction she had intended, and all of your partnerships are reflecting this advance.

Scorpio—The geniac of the zodiac, your fellow fixed, or determined, member of the stars, is featuring an annual new moon on Thursday. This allows you to start, or restart, any endeavor with the patented innovative touch of Aquarius. In the privacy of your home, you are able to make progress this week.

Sagittarius—The zodiac genius, Aquarius, is the current sign in the center of the stars. Whether you are planning to revise energy issues to go off-grid, or planning an intricate cross-country skiing adventure, the brainiac sign will assist you in moving yourself or the planet exactly to the right position.

Capricorn—Two factors are converging and they are in your favor. The new moon in Aquarius brings your inner and outer ideals together, especially in regard to relationships. And the big romantic symbol in the sky, Venus, is finally moving forward again, in your sign, promoting clarity in your love life.

Aquarius—Your annual new moon occurs on Thursday the 30th at 2:38 p.m., with the sun and moon merging at four degrees of Aquarius. Your inner and outer realms are experiencing harmony as they blend together. You are the geniac of the zodiac, with innovative solutions for the world at large.

Pisces—The sign that precedes yours, Aquarius, hosts its annual new moon on Thursday the 30th, allowing you to look back at your previous year and to plan your new astrological year, which will begin on your birthday. Your ruler, Neptune, is with you, so the sky is the limit for your future.

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